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    Any offers of help in tracing my husband's family?

    For some reason I keep on getting messages regarding this forum, even though I only posted once. This forum is not my domain, and although we have the same name spelt differently , it is for maddy only. Thank you. Maddie.
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    Siblings trace??

    Hi Moppett May I suggest that you use the following sites to help you with your search www.192.com www.yell.com and also the BT online service I have managed to find living people this way. Also no forum in UK will allow you to mention living people for the reasons that have already been...
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    SHERRELL family

    Hi Dave I have searched the 1851 and 1861 census and have failed to find them. Sorry ! Maddie
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    Passing of Oz

    I am very saddened to hear that SteveOz has passed to the higher plain. His antics were very amusing at times and he will be sorely missed on this forum. My deepest sympathy to all the family. Maddie
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    Gibbo's right in path of cyclone

    Hi Gibbo Thinking of you both, and hope that you keep safe Maddie
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    Red Kites

    Hi Dave They are beautiful to watch,aren't they. Many years ago , they introduced them to an area called Nant y Moch, next to Ponterwyd, near Aberystwyth. They are now all over the place there. Enjoy them while they are there. Maddie
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    Cyclones coming

    Nooooooooooooo!!!! It is not Dave :2fun: We will be thinking of you on Tues evening, and hope that it turns North and manages to escape you , Gibbo Maddie
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    Elizabeth and Arthur Allen.

    Hi Steve Well done ! Perseverence pays off!!!!! Try John Jones instead. I have managed to break through the Berlin Wall this last 2 weeks. I started the line about 10 years ago before the Internet. Luckily the Richard Davies I was searching for was a Wheelwright, so that helped a lot. I...
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    Janet McLUCKIE in Lanark

    Hi Dave I am not having much luck with Janet. Even though she was married I also tried her married name , but still nothing came up. Sorry Maddie
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    No Apologies.

    Hi Lee Thanks for posting that link.!! You have just ruined my evening. I hate heights !!! My stomach is still churning, and my head still spinning. Maddie
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    The Medic.....A Short Story.

    Hi Lee Thank you for another good one ! I had tears in my eyes as I got to the end. Maddie
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    Backhill of Fetterletter, Aberdeenshire.

    Hi Steve Who are you looking for ? I still have some credits available, if you want me to look something up for you. I hope that Oz Steve will be ok. It sounds and looks dire out there and spreading quickly. It is nearly teatime, so hurry if you want something done !! Maddie
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    Name McCorNick Please

    Hi Joanne You are most welcome. I enjoy the Scottish site very much. Please bear in mind that sometimes you will need to put in " sounds like ". There is a new button that if you click on it , it will drop down with a list and at the bottom is the one to use. When I put in Johnstone it did...
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    Name McCorNick Please

    Hi Joanne I have found the birth of William McCornick in 1881 .6th Aug. in Colvend, Kirkcudbright. Ref. 861/00 0015 Father . John McCornick . Gamekeeper Mother. Matilda McCornick nee Johnstone There were 9 entries of only one for Colvend They were married in Kirmabreck This is ringing bells...
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    INLAND TSUNAMI 72 people missing

    To all in Oz afffected by the floods My heart goes out to you all. Steve, I do hope that you do not have to get the boat out, but please do as you are told. I have a very good friend in Marysville, who lost everything in the fires about 2 years ago. I have just received a photo of her new...