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Recent content by Nuala

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    How do i get a a death cert

    I have a copy of the death certificate for Caroline Jones Stockton but I cannot attach nor insert it into a PM. Do you have another email addrress (you can PM it to me) to which I can send it? Or shall I summarize the info for you? Nuala
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    How do i get a a death cert

    If you don't need a certified copy and can wait about two weeks, I am planning a trip to the Massachusetts State Archives (which holds Massachusetts vital records for the years 1841-1915) and will have a look. Assuming I can locate the record, I will copy, scan and perhaps PM it to you. Or you...
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    Relatively new......

    E., I also have "Great Migrator" ancestors and happen to live in Massachusetts. If you post info about the discrepancies, I or someone else might have some ideas and suggestions. Regards, Nuala
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    Emigration to USA

    Cathryn, Like Julie, I am unable to find your Joshua Gloyn anywhere but upon his arrival at Castle Garden (the predecessor of Ellis Island) in New York. The U.S. census he would have been most likely to appear on after his arrival would have been the one taken in 1890. Unfortunately, that...
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    Another New Member

    Hello Everyone, I'm another new member who is very happy to have been referred to this site. I live in Massachusetts, USA. I enjoy the research part of ancestor hunting and fill my files with co-lateral ancestors and the details which put everyone into historical context. In short, I'm a...
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    marriage and birth records in USA

    Lucy, Alas, there is no GRO which holds vital records in one place in the U.S. These records are held at the town or city level, sometimes at the county level, and at the state level. My best suggestion to you is to check out the New York state page of u.s.genweb.com. It is the U.S...