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    Hannah Buchanan Mochrie b.1879

    hi again ok i knew that John and Janet had a son John born 1878 and died what lools like the same day when i saw the birth date from Alfred i thought maybe they were twins, however i have just checked my scotlands people records and found an Alfred McFarlane born in Kelvin 1878 and the date is...
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    Hannah Buchanan Mochrie b.1879

    hi i am searching for a Hannah Buchanan Mochrie who married Alfred McKinlay or McGinlay in the early 1906 she was a school mistress, he was a blacksmith living on gt eastern road. They had a son named John Sneddon Mckinlay in Dennistoun 1906 after his birth they disappear! the problem is...
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    Lurson George Britten- German origin?????

    hi one of my ancestors was called Lurson George Britten born in London abt 1811, does anybody know the origin of this name? is it possible that he had German roots.
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    registry office look up

    hi if anyone is researching Edinburgh, i would appreciate a record search; Margaret Barbour Ewart married William Caffie Davis in the 50s, Margarets parents were Jeanie Hamilton McGinlay 1906-? and George Ewart. i just wanted to know if there was any info on the certificate about them as i...
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    elspeth or elsie Langridge

    looking for a death record for Elsie or Elspeth Langridge b abt 1871, alive in 1911 living in Lambeth area. birth name Elspeth Jane Patrick ( family changed name to Petrie) b. Scotland.- married Matthew Langridge thanks
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    Irish Family History Foundation

    brs genealogy is no good if you are looking for Derry or Donegal, sadly thats where my ancestry is
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    i have the marriage certificate but only gives William Henry Edwards(deceased)
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    i think you may be correct on the Gattward part, as for William Henry Edwards i think he was born abt 1886.
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    hi all looking for William Henry Edwards he was married to Catherine? died before 1925 and was a harbour constable in Londonderry/Derry. their daughter Martha was born 1907 and married John Bradford 1925, lived in Bonds street. looking for Catherines maiden name any any further info,
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    Frederick George Gattward

    looking for a death record for Frederick George Gattward or Gatward, born 1871 died before 1955 in England ? any help much appreciated