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Recent content by Pam Gosling

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    Do you have access to Surrey History Centre (Woking) or Croydon Archives Service (Cro

    I’m looking for the Birth / Baptism records for William Tilley, said to have been born in Croydon, Surrey on 16 August, 1840 and who may have been baptised on 17 November 1840 in Croydon or, possibly, in Lewisham, Kent. There was also a William Tilley, possibly his Father, who was apprenticed...
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    Identify a Cottage at Holme Hale near Thetford, Norfolk?

    Hello Jane, nice to hear from you. I'm going to recommend you for promotion! In spite of receiving several helpful suggestions, I still have not been able to establish the actual address of the cottage. If you make contact via http://pampics2000@yahoo.co.uk (I hope that I did that right!)...
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    Can you date this photo.

    Hello Steve & anyone else with a similar problem. Whilst researching a branch of my paternal family who went to Jersey c. 1845, I came across one, Richard Hemery, who is both helpful & knowledgeable about dating photographs and who has a very interesting website...
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    Offers of help

    Look-ups/East London Parish Records, Baptisms, Church Marriages & Burials (Approximate dates of birth obtained from various censuses.) Bethnal Green, born c. 1835 (Emma Gaitt & Family) Shoreditch, born c. 1839 (William Ray & Family) Southwark, born c. 1845 (Esther Dash & Family) Hackney...
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    Identify a Cottage at Holme Hale near Thetford, Norfolk?

    Hello Steve (p.risboy) You gave me the link http://www.achurchnearyou.com/holme-hale-st-andrew/ which I have tried on three separate days but each time it has been ‘bounced’. I might try writing a ‘real’ letter (that will be such a shock to my system!) Anyway, thanks for your suggestion...
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    Identify a Cottage at Holme Hale near Thetford, Norfolk?

    Thanks Steve - I've already done the biz with Google but it doesn't get me any closer to the address. I will however try the email link you provided; I will be able to attach an image of the cottage to assist in identification. Thanks again, Pam Researching: Curtis, Dampier, Furzer, Gosling...
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    Identify a Cottage at Holme Hale near Thetford, Norfolk?

    Hello, especially if you are in Norfolk! I’m enquiring on behalf of a grandson of Frederick George Tilley who, in about 1930 – 1935, bought an old house in Holme Hale near Thetford, Norfolk. The house had originally been two cottages (date of change unknown) and was immediately opposite the...
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    Re: Offers of help

    Re: Offers of help Some recommended sites for you to check out: Just want to point out that www.freebmd.org.uk is Births, Marriages & Deaths only; for Baptisms, Marriages (in Church) & Burials, try http://freereg.rootsweb.com where coverage is improving by leaps & bounds. Another useful FOC...
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    Greetings from another new member

    Hello everyone, I have just joined this site and look forward to exploring it in depth as & when time allows. I have fairly comprehensive information about my paternal male line and my maternal female line but am having many problems with the others. I will be posting relevant requests in the...