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    domestic register

    are there records tat name household staff members working for the householders
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    looking for du mayne swinfied thomas

    looking for du maye Swinfield Thomas from wales
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    Du mayne swinfield Thomas

    looking for photos of him and family, also can it connect with any family. Very elusive After ww1 I loose him. He also went under the name Stanley Edward Carson with one marriage.
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    Thank you. I did locate the 1930 info but when i tapped on page of paper article it took me straight to the have yo pay subscriptions. No free searches given. Not sure what Im doing wrong.
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    you have all been so kind. You have located more information of Swinfield than I have been able to find in years. How do you get all that information so quickly?. :)I am on ancestry but I seem to go around in circles. I am very happy to research myself I love it but I dont know where to look...
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    Thank you so much.
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    Hi, Am I talking to Julie? I am very new to this site. I have a block for dumayne he changes his name to Stanley Edward Carson to marry my grandmother in 1922 Doris Gwendoline Hobbs. I am trying to find him after he came out of jail. he had many bigamist marriages, one being to my grandmother...
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    Looking for du mayne Swinfield Thomas born in Wales