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Recent content by pejay

  1. pejay

    Owen Kelly 10th foot

    Many thanks for replying. It has been a long time. Apparently Mary Kelly was born in Ireland - but it is such a common name. No County was ever mentioned. Some people think she was born in Co Waterford but I have checked the sources they mention - not too many. and none give the right parents...
  2. pejay

    Familysearch website down?

    Yes it seems ok now. :)
  3. pejay


    Hello and welcome. Good luck with your family history
  4. pejay

    Make me feel like a woman!

    I loved it thankyou. It made me laugh.
  5. pejay

    Hello everyone

    Hello Stacey. welcome to the forum. Good luck with your research
  6. pejay

    A bit of a problem with ages

    Age of consent Hardwick's Act fixed the lower legal age of marriage as 14 for men and 12 for women. This was raised to 16 for both sexes in 1929, although parental consent was still required for brides or bridegrooms under age 21. Marriage of a minor by banns without consent did not render the...
  7. pejay

    A bit of a problem with ages

    Yes I agree - children were not always baptised as babies and often were baptised with some of their siblings. I think in the mid 1700's boys were allowed to marry at 14 years old - please don't quote me though as I am not 100% sure. I have a few instances of ancestors apparently marrying at 16...
  8. pejay

    Hello Introduction

    Hello and welcome to the site, good luck with your family history.
  9. pejay

    1881 look up

    Think this is him - 1881 Scottish census - ED2 page 3 line 21 Margaret Maclean Head age 57 Crofter. Murdo Son 28 Labourer. Kenneth Son 19 Labourer Alexander Son 18 Labourer Barbara Daugh 15 Domestic
  10. pejay

    To good to be true!

    Well you've heard of Murphys law I am sure. It is usually the case though.
  11. pejay

    Break down brick walls!

    Do not take notice of everything on the web. Sometimes it just isn't right. Yes if we look hard enough we can always move sidewards if neccessary. But sometimes our ancestors do prove to be very elusive no matter what - especially if they have common names. Congratulations to you on any info...
  12. pejay

    What a lot he left!!

    Wow - we are talking money here. Most ancestors if they left a will in the first place - just had a few hundred pounds.
  13. pejay

    marriage between Edward White & Elizabeth??

    There are loads of Edward White's one possible -Edward White. there is an Elizabeth Crouch on the page 1887 June qr Holborn 1b 994. Does Edward have a middle nsme? There is a death for an Elizabeth White 1900 age 33 Sep qr Panceas 1b 15 That is a possibility with the age. but there aagain there...
  14. pejay

    William Adam SYME

    William Adam Syme found in 3rd qr 1890 St George Hanover square 1a 414:)
  15. pejay

    Here we come a Wassailing.

    What a lovely web page - takes us back to the days of "merrie olde Englande" not sure how merry it was though. yes very seasonal. Thanks for sharing :)