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    George Edward Ebenezer Cook and Louisa Beck

    It is all about incentive and concentrating the mind! I knew George had died before Louie and that George had spent his last years looking after her but I had no dates for their deaths. So I trudged through the on line records today and found the info. Louie was 9 years older than George which...
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    George Edward Ebenezer Cook and Louisa Beck

    Thanks for your efforts! My daughter is in Sydney at the end of the month and her first task is the marriage certificate. As she will be staying south of Sydney it is an ideal opportunity to explore the Coogee / Bondi area and if possible relate it to whatever George and Louie got up to in the...
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    North Devon Steers, Cooks, Hinks & Greenslades

    Ten years ago my wife used to tease me that I had only 3 known relatives (names, addresses etc) Two of these are female cousins who were my "big sisters" when I was at boarding school in what is now Harare. In 2000 the two cousins (resident today in Harare and Durban) put it to me that when the...
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    George Edward Ebenezer Cook and Louisa Beck

    George was born in Forest Hill, London in 1890. His father, my great grandfather, was what would be called today a "developer". George is recorded in the UK 1911 Census as a "Building foreman". Sometime thereafter he set of for Oz. How, why and when are not known but a sceptic might come up with...