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Recent content by philbrawn

  1. philbrawn

    Emma Scott -Tralee

    Hi everyone i appologise i have got so many Emmas and ellens.I should have said Ellen Scott not Emma,she married William Bassett in Northfleet Kent in 1864 and died in 1892. Regards Phil
  2. philbrawn

    Emma Scott -Tralee

    Hi am looking for any records of Emma Scott i belive she was born in the Tralee area about 1845,we have her in the 1861 census living in st Marys Cray in Kent with her grandmother Brigit Regan.On her marriage certificate her fathers name is James,is there any way to find birth or baptism...
  3. philbrawn

    Ellen Scott Tralee

    Hi Elwyn Unfortunatly we dont know what her denomination was. Will we be able to look at church records on line or will we have to go over to Tralee and search there. Regards Phil
  4. philbrawn

    Ellen Scott Tralee

    Hi my wifes great grandmother Ellen Scott was born in Ireland,we found her in the 1861 census aged 16 living in st Marys Cray Kent with her grandmother,it gives her birth place as Tralee in county Kerry.Can anyone tell me how to trace her birth or any other records of her family,we have her...
  5. philbrawn

    Family tree maker 2012

    I have now got ftm2012, i was using an old program called family tree vesion 4 and when i tried to import the gedcom file from the old program ftm told me that the gedcom file had to be version 5.5.Does anyone know how to get an old gedcom file into ftm2012. Regards Phil
  6. philbrawn

    Sauce on a Bacon butty. Vote now.

    i am sorry but you should not ruin a bacon sandwich with any sauce.Just my opinion:biggrin:
  7. philbrawn

    Family tree maker 2012

    Hi have just ordered ftm2012 does anyone use this and is it any good.Maybe i should have asked this question before ordering but nevermind i have asked now.Regards Phil:)
  8. philbrawn

    Bassetts of Kent and Surrey

    Hi i am new to the forum, i am tracing my wifes family on her mothers side and have taken it back to the late 1600s.the main line are Bassetts from surrey and kent.Now i am trying to follow other lines.Regards Phil:biggrin:
  9. philbrawn

    passport numbers

    Hi found an entry on Ancestry under new york passenger lists for William Bassett arriving in new york on 11 july 1919.It shows his residence as Northfleet and as this is the place where my wifes great grand parents lived and died i thought that william could be a relative but can not find him in...
  10. philbrawn

    passport numbers

    Hi can anyone tell me if you can find details of a person using their passport number.We think an ancestor took ship to new york in 1911 but can not find birth record for him,so wondered if we can use the passport number on the passenger list to find any details. Regards Phil