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Recent content by popsit

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    help or advice wanted - Barnet Burns

    Hello, I am wanting help with the following please. This borders on a brickwall for me as I have searched all my records and am hoping someone out there can help. I have a Barnet Burns marrying a Bridget Cain, 1st June 1835, Christ Church Greyfriars Newgate, London. Basically I am trying to...
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    help or advice wanted - Barnet Burns

    I have a Barnet Burns. He says in the 1841 census that he is 40 years old and born in Scotland. He is down as a lodger. In the 1851 census he says he is 44 (should be 50). He states he is a "British subject". He doesn't make it to 1861 as he has died in East Stonehouse Devon. My query is did he...
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    help - George Barnet Burns

    Hello, I Am hoping to be able to get some info on the following person. George Barnet Burns. I have a death for him last qrt of 1860 in East Stonehouse, Devon. It does not give an age. He may have had a wife, Ann Stewart. I don't know which record to look for him which would give me more info...
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    help or advice wanted.

    Hi all, As in my earlier posts elsewhere I am researching the name Shaw. If in 1869 (21st Feb.) a family left England to come to New Zealand, this was an assisted passage, is it possible to acquire personal details from papers they may have had to fill out to apply for this assistance. Is there...
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    Ernest Shaw - help or advice wanted

    Hello, I have a Ernest Shaw, on his marriage cert. it states he was born in Lincolnshire England in 1869. His father was Johnathon Shaw and his mother was Mary Shaw nee Dobson. Because he married in New Zealand and died there I am trying to ascertain when he left England. He may have come to NZ...
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    help or advice wanted.

    Hi all, I have a lady being born 24/8/1815 and being baptised 26/9/1815 "from Poor Book from Prickledon" What is Poor Book and can it be found online. As always any help on this very much appreciated. Thank you. Popsit P.S. Area is Yorkshire/Holmfirth
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    Are they the same person - John Kirby & Elizabeth Harrison

    I have a John Kirby marrying an Elizabeth Harrison on 9th Oct. 1720, Dersingham (unspecified). I also have another John Kirby marrying an Elizabeth Handason on the 3rd Oct. 1720 (archdeacons transcripts). My query: Could these two Elizabeths be the same person as handason and Harrison sound...
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    looking for margaret

    Hello, I have a Joseph Kirby marrying a Margaret Bates in 1750 in West Newton (her parish). Joseph was born 1721/22 in Dersingham. After marrying they went back to Dersingham and two children followed: Joseph b. 1752 and Thomas b. 1756. They don't appear to have had any other children. I am...
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    same person different name.

    Is it possible to have a person named Sarah when married but on her birth she may have been prudence. popsit:)
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    birth record - Sarah Ashmore

    Looking for a birth for Sarah Ashmore who married John Kirby Joannes Curby) 1700 Colby 23rd April. Sarah died (if I have the right one) in Cromer 1742, 5th May, all in Norfolk. Have searched everywhere for sarah in Norfolk. popsit
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    what does it stand for.

    I have birth details for a Thomas Kirby born 1633/34. It states Thomas was the son of Walter Kirbye Gen. Can anyone tell me what the Gen. stands for please. popsit
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    looking for a birth

    Sarah Kirby nee Ashmore. Married in 1700, 23rd April Colby St Giles to Johannes Curby. Sarah came from the parish of Cromer. Sarah died in Cromer on the 9th May 1742, church was St peter and St paul. I cannot find a birth entry for her anywhere. Help needed please popsit
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    which one is it - John Kirby

    I have a John Kirby married to a Sarah ??. Cant find a birth for either of them or marriage details. Have scrolled through original records but some of it is hard to read and could have missed it. Thoughts please. John and sarah had two children: John b. 17th May 1696 in Repps with Bastwick...
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    could this be the same person??

    Hello, I don't know if this is the correct forum or if I should be in marriages but here goes. I have marriage details for a John Kirby who I am hoping is mine. I have found two entries, one being for John Kirby married in Dersingham, St Nicholas on the 3rd of Oct 1720, marrying a Elizabeth...
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    nee surnames etc

    I have an Elizabeth Star who in May 1782 in castle riding married a Joseph Kirby.On the transcript it states she is a widow.Elizabeth (if the death info I have is her) was around 25 yrs old when she married Joseph. Usually on marriage info it would say nee this name formerly this name showing...