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    Online tree storage

    I use GRAMPS for my tree. I removed my online trees for various reasons. However a recent contact brings me back to "how can I share my tree with relevant family researchers?" Ancestry edited my tree, moving ancestors from London to Missouri - I was worried for other researchers who would be...
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    Searching using date of discharge

    Thanks - I hadn't heard about that.
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    Searching using date of discharge

    Never managed to find my grandfather's WW1 details. Although he was a miner, I'm certain he was in the army, injured and then discharged. Today looking through old photos and docs I came across his National Registration card, which shows date of discharge as 1 Sept 1916 under Form B2079 which I...
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    I use GRAMPS www.gramps-project.org - I started when I switched to Linux 10 years ago. I use Ubuntu, so in the same "family" as Mint. At the time it was the only option, and now they produce a Win version too. The mailing list is very active and helpful, especially for new users. You'll have a...
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    Keeping track of electronic correspondence

    I have many messages and emails about the lives of family members, and others who may be family members. Some of these contain a wealth of info that can't be found in records.
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    Keeping track of electronic correspondence

    My genealogy has taken a back burner for a couple of years. I belong to various online sources such as Ancestry, FMP, Wikitree. So I get messages from others using those resources. Of course, I then come across a gmail, message etc that I've forgotten about after answering. I did use a tagging...
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    Duplicate register entry with different surname

    After a couple of hours in the library, I found it was two men, with the same name, who both married women with the same first name and middle initial on the same day at the same place!
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    Duplicate register entry with different surname

    I haven't looked at the children yet, apart from the one making the query with me. Seems an odd way to list if the bride has two previous names - she can only be married under her current legal name. But this was the seventies - so who knows what was happening! Thanks for that suggestion.
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    Duplicate register entry with different surname

    Found a marriage that I'm sure is the one I want - but the register page lists it twice. Leonard R marries Gillian A (Surname), then again marries Gillian A (Surname 2) both on same page. I'm sure I've seen this situation before, but this isn't a transcript error - wife's surnames are totally...
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    best software to use

    I use Gramps, but I've only used the Linux version. It is becoming popular on Windows though. It's free, so you could try it out and see if it suits. There's plenty of support on both the website and the mailing list. Www.gramps-project.org
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    Entering the world of Facebook

    Technology for Genealogy is a good FB group - strict on posting, only technology, and only if you can use it for genealogy. That covers a wider range than you'd think - not just family tree software, but questions about photo scanning and preservation, Office software, problems with machines or...
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    Checking your own info?

    I like Bonkers http://timforsythe.com/tools/bonkers Free web service, upload gedcom, and get a list of "bonkers" stuff you've added - died before born, married to self, married before born, children born before parents, all those silly typos that slip by when our brains aren't quite functioning...
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    George William Graham GWR Docker

    Here in Swindon, Steam, the museum of the Great Western Railway has extensive archives and a photo gallery. Found this one of Brentford Docks: http://www.steampicturelibrary.com/gwr-docks-brentford-c1930/print/7194253.html Info on their archive here...
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    London research

    This link (with the blank removed) goes to 1+1, and Google doesn't show it. Is it the Parish Register site?
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    LOWE - Looking for grandad

    Re: Looking for grandad 1911 census is free until end of week at ancestry.co.uk but it doesn't include Scottish returns, although there are several entries for william Lowe born in Scotland, but living in England or Wales.