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Recent content by quietman482

  1. Q

    Database of Doomsday Book 1086AD

    As a follow up from the recent programme on BBC about the Doomsday Book, here is the website used to find people named in the book and whereabout they held land. http://www.pase.ac.uk/ The database is free to use and comes with a useful pdf guide as how to access the information.
  2. Q

    Ever found two dates of Baptism for a family member? The explanation of P

    Ever found two dates of baptism for a family member? One explanation may be due to the letter P. In my searches of Parish Baptism records I came across a couple of London ancestors with the letter P next to their baptism record. This stood for a 'half baptism'. Half baptisms were given to sickly...
  3. Q

    Looking for WW1 soldier R.C.Edge, Seacombe

    Looking for Robert Cedric Edge, born in Seacombe Cheshire in 1896. I have a letter written by him to my grandmother thanking her for gloves and scarf. She knitted them whilst at school as part of the local war effort to help soldiers in the trenches. The letter is posted in Rouen and dated 16th...
  4. Q

    Ages in the 1841 Census

    Having been doing family tree research for nearly a year now I had not realised that with the 1841 England Wales Census a practice of rounding off ages was followed by many numerators, such as: People aged: * 15-19 were recorded as 15; * 20-24 were recorded as 20; * 25-29 were...