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    Finding Emily Abbott Birth/date

    Found My Grandmother Hi..Thank you very much for your help..but i have now found my grandmother birth and family. Found them yesterday :) records
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    Finding Emily Abbott Birth/date

    Hello..I'm looking for my grandmother birth/cert Emily Abbott, her father's name is George Abbott his a bricklayer, this is what it says on her married/cert to my grandfather Walter John Goodbody. I did have a birth/cert for her which i had for 12 years, but just befor christmas i saw told that...
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    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    I got started about 10yrs ago, when i wonder if my grandparents on my fathers side had any brother's or sister's. there was never anything said about there family so i took it upon my self to find out. I found out that my grandmother had two brothers and two sisters, my grandfather had four...
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    Hi I'm looking for Alfred John Gaunt bn 1939 Padding ton London England. His Parents are Alfred E Goodbody and Esie V Gaunt. Records
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    Hi I'm looking for a Alfred John Gaunt bn 1939 Paddington London England' Any information i would be greatful. Parent's Alfred E Goodbody and Elsie V Gaunt. Records