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Recent content by Researcher

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    Samuel Duesbury (1822-1909) Brisbane

    Ellie7, I'm in the process of contacting the Brisbane Masonic link you gave me, still waiting on the response. Thank you Dave, that link was very helpful I'll be researching all of the Masonic lodges to see if any of them are still active. You are correct Lewis was part of the Sons of...
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    Samuel Duesbury (1822-1909) Brisbane

    This is some very good information, Thanks Ellie7, Dave I would also like to extend my thanks. I have been researching for over 1 year and have a considerable amount of information on Horace Duesbury. I'm still gathering information on his life in Australia, need details on who trained his...
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    Samuel Duesbury (1822-1909) Brisbane

    :biggrin: Daveham9 I guess when you stated "another one in my tree" you did not mean family tree correct?
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    Samuel Duesbury (1822-1909) Brisbane

    I noticed you have posted in past threads, were you doing research on Duesbury or were you helping someone? Samuel arrived in Brisbane in 1865 with his family and opened two photography studios.
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    Samuel Duesbury (1822-1909) Brisbane

    Looking for descendants of Samuel Duesbury (1822-1909) Brisbane, in regards to his eldest son Horace W. Duesbury (1851-1904) Artist San Francisco. I'm working on his biography.
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    I'm researching Samuel (1822-1909) & his Eldest son Horace W. Duesbury (1851-1904), If I can...

    I'm researching Samuel (1822-1909) & his Eldest son Horace W. Duesbury (1851-1904), If I can reach family members of the Duesbury's from Brisbane Australia or San Francisco USA, it would help..