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Recent content by richaj

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    Witherslack Boarding School

    Can anyone please tell me if Witherslack boarding school has always been for pupils with special needs. I am thinking possibly in the late 1970s to late 1980s. I believe that this school or group of schools are base in the North East and Cumbria areas. Thanks Julie
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    Moore Family- Aston Birmingham

    Hi Dave Yes I think this must be them but I would also like to find out about Fanny born 1865. I would also like to trace the Irish roots but I do not know where to start. Do you have any idea of how I can go about it please. I have been told that Irish records are not easy to find. Thanks Julie
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    Moore Family- Aston Birmingham

    Hello Sorry that I could not get back to you sooner but I was at work. John Gargan was a Labourer - thats all it says. Thanks Julie:) :)
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    Moore Family- Aston Birmingham

    Hi Sorry that I did not reply last night. I had to log off - my eyes were sore. I am the computer all day at work and I had been on a little too long. I am at work now so I am unable to look up John's occupation - I will however take a look at it tonight and will let you know. Many thanks Julie
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    Moore Family- Aston Birmingham

    Hello again. I have found a death for a Fanny Gargan in 1897. This would make her born around 1865. I think she was my Gt Grandma's Sister. I am having trouble finding her birth. As far as I know it should be in Warwickshire. Can anyone help please. Thanks
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    Researching - Your Names

    This is a brilliant idea. I appreciate any help that I can get. I am trying to research Gargan, Shellard and Moore. These sre the names that I am stuck with the most. This is a really friendly helpful site. Thanks to all concerned. :)
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    Moore Family- Aston Birmingham

    Thanks again. You are kind to look for me. I just wish that I could find John Gargan. Regards Julie
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    Moore Family- Aston Birmingham

    Hello again. I am still trying to trace the Gargans but without much success. I do know that my Gt Grandmothers father was called John Gargan. He is named on her wedding certificate in 1877 but I cannot find him on any census. The name Gargan has been miss Spelt so many times. I cannot keep a...
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    Prust Family Yorkshire

    I am trying to find out anything at all about the Prust family in Yorkshire. I am particularly interested in Wortley and Pontefract. I would like to know any connections between the Prusts, Holmes and Richardson families. Thank you :D
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    Moore Family- Aston Birmingham

    Thank you so much for this. You are so kind. I think that I have looked and looked for the Moore's so much that I am missing things. Best Wishes Julie
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    Moore Family- Aston Birmingham

    Hi Julie This does look like these people are the ones that I am looking for. Frances Gargan (Fanny) was present at Margarets death in 1894. The children mentioned on the 1891 census do not appear to be Edward & Margarets. I will have to have a good look around now to find them. I wonder who...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi Again Everyone I have a lead to follow already. A big thank you to you. Julie :biggrin:
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    Moore Family- Aston Birmingham

    Thanks this is worth investigating Regards Julie :)
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    Moore Family- Aston Birmingham

    Margaret was called Gargan but it could have been spelt different on some sites. Margaret died in 1894 her sister Frances Gargan was present. Thank you for your help
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    Moore Family- Aston Birmingham

    All born in Birmingham. I do not know where to go from here. They just seem to have disappeared n between 1881 & 1889