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Recent content by Riotact

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    Where to look for marriages from Tottenham, Middlesex

    I am trying to find out where my relatives were married, Christopher Buckel and Ann?. I know they were from Tottenham, would they have married in London? This would have been in the 1750's. The christenings and burials of their children were all in All Hallows, Tottenham. It's driving me...
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    Question regarding 1800's religion

    Here is the scenerio - Joseph marries Ann and they have several children. Ann dies leaving a boatload of young children. Joseph then marries Sarah. Within the year of the second marriage, all of Joseph and Ann's children are baptized or christened at St. Mary's Church in Cardiff, Wales. The...
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    Searchable Canadian Databases

    http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/genealogy/index-e.html The Government of Canada has many different databases that you can search in their Genealogy Center. http://www.thatsmyfamily.info/ This database allows you to search one or more of the Provinces data bases, as well as the National Archives
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    1861 Census look up please

    I am looking for Henry James White born 1852 in Exeter, Devon. I believe he would have been living in Devonshire at the time. He was known as Harry in his later years. His father was Henry John White, but was known as John. I'm not sure if he was born in the County or not. I am looking for...
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    Photos - Ontario, Canada archives

    I came across this site a while back while looking into my husband's family history. I actually found quite a few images of one of his relatives who was a Reverend. http://images.ourontario.ca/ It contains a vast array of images (photos, newspaper notices, government doc) from Ontario, Canada...
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    Thomas Phillips and Sophia Bowden - Middlesex

    I am looking for a little more information about Thomas Phillips and Sophia Bowden who married on November 1, 1818 at St. John, Hackney, Middlesex. The birth year estimates I have are Thomas born 1798 and Sophia born 1796. I believe both were born in the County. I was wondering if any one had...
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    Hi All! My name is Barb. I am from Ontario, Canada and I have been intrested in genealogy since 2000. I really enjoy the challenges and that amazing feeling I get when I am able to make a connection while working on my family history. It all started with trying to find a little more...