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Recent content by rjshave

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    James last woodman

    Hi. I am trying to find the 1851 census for James Last born between 1825 and 1832 in Bradfield st George. He was a woodman in 1871. The 1871 census says he was 46 and the 1881 census says he is 49 which is a bit confusing but is definitely the right person because he is married to Elizabeth and...
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    Mystery of Bertram!

    Hi. Would it be possible to find the 1901 census for Bertram Victor Last born 1893 in Bradfield st George, Suffolk. Many thanks :)
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    mystery of william last

    Hi, i am trying to find the birth of William Last born in Barham (as it says in the census for 1871,1881 and 1901) He was born approx 1858. He was definitely born out of wedlock as his parents werent married until 1861 ( i have marriage certificate). He isnt living with father James in 1861 as...
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    Hi, I would very much appreciate it if someone could look up the 1871 census for an Emily Hunt born 1860 in Lakenham, Norwich. I believe her parents had split up by 1861 as I can only find her father Frederick Hunt living on his own in Lakenham but I have no idea where Emily or her...
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    Toll/Hunt look up please

    Hi, I would like some help finding the 1871 census for George Toll born 1838 in Norwich. He was living in Barnet, middlesex. He didn't marry until 1876 to Mary Ann Hunt. In 1881, they are living at Hampden Terrace. They have Ellen 14, William 12, George 10, rachel 8, henry 6, John 4 and...
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    william shave look up please

    Hi, i am trying to find the 1851 census for a William Shave born in Old Newton, Suffolk. He was born about 1846 and i believe he had a brother called Samuel. His father was William Shave, born about 1819 and I dont know the mothers name and if they had any more children. Any help would be really...
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    the mystery of emma

    Hi. I am trying to find out about the parents of emma ward born fourth march 1878 in holborn, london. In 1901 my great grandfather arthur frederick ward had emma ward, his neice, living with him. It says emma was 23 and a servant. The birth certificate states her father as Charles ward a gold...
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    marriage of barry ward

    Hi, I am trying to find a marriage for a Barry ward in the Brighton and Hove area in spring 1970. Unfortunately I don't know the brides name. I know that Barry didnt have a second name as i have his birth certificate! Can anyone help me please. Thank you
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    arthur and mary's children

    Hi I am trying to find the birth of Arthur Peter ward and Mary Philomena Stromsoe's children. I believe they had a boy and a girl and the girl's name we think is lisa. Arthur and Mary were married in 1961 in Rayleigh, essex. Arthur Peter was a sergaent in the R.E.M.E. We believe Lisa is older...
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    boswell court look up

    Hi, Could someone please tell me who was living at 4 Boswell court, in the district of holborn, london in 1901. Sub district was george the Martyr. I believe one of my ancestors may have lived there. Many thanks
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    matilda ward

    Hi, I am trying to find out what happened to matilda frances ward born march quarter 1865 in Holborn, london. Her parents were Henry Hazard ward and Mary Ann ward (formally husband). She is living with her parents in 1871 and 1881. It says that she was an imbicile from 2 years. I would like to...
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    Peter Kevin walker

    Hi everyone, I would like to obtain the death certificate for Peter Kevin walker born 26th january 1968. He died march 2009 in north hamptonshire. How do i go about finding page and volume number? Many thanks
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    emily maud ward

    Hi everyone. Can someone help me find another death (sorry to be mormid)!! I would like to order a death certificate for Emily maud kate ward. Born 1900? She lived somewhere in essex and she was in her late 70s when she died. Can anyone help me please. Many thanks in advance! x
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    Death of Edward Thomas

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a death of an Edward thomas ward born february 1906 in london. We believe he moved to Sussex in the 1980s to be with his only son. We are thinking he died between 1985 and 1995?? can anyone help me find a death record please. Many thanks
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    death of edward thomas ward

    Hi, I am trying to find the death of Edward Thomas ward, born 1906 in London. After the death of his wife Hilda we believe he moved to Sussex to be near his son. He died between 1987 and 1993. Can anyone help find a death record please. Many thanks