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Recent content by robh

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    Orphanage help,please.

    Hello. Today i went back on Ancestry,i know im easily confused could anyone please help. I type Gertrude Brill 1908 on the first page under Birth Place it has now changed from unknown to Oxfordshire. On the 1911 census it still shows Unknown. Ernest , from unknown to Oxfordshire on the first...
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    Orphanage help,please.

    Hello Dave Thank you for your help There was another foster child Jim Wraight we met many times , he was fostered in 1916. One lady we only knew as Aunt Dop,not sure if she was a Beech or Fosterd.. i will see mum later if she knows. Rob @ Family
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    Orphanage help,please.

    Hello oznannie On the 1911 cencus,Charles born,Paddock wood, married Annaus ( maiden name ? ) Charles was a basket maker. They had a son,Alfred born 1897 Green grocers errand boy,born Paddock wood. We know Alfred died in ww1 aged 18. Mum born 1936,Oxshott surrey visited the Beechs at this...
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    Orphanage help,please.

    Good Morning. My Nan Gertrude Brill was born in 1908 and was fostered by a Mr Charles beech.lived in Paddock wood Kent. On the 1911 she was a " boarder "aged 3. born, not known. There ia also Ernest Pennington a " boarder " aged 10 born not known. On the 1901 census Ernest was in an...
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    Florence Knox

    Good morning. Many thanks for all your help sorry i have not replied the library computer had 1 or 2 problems. I have passed on info to my friend. robin
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    Florence Knox

    Hello. Very sorry i have not replied earlier, we have just found out Florence was born in Ireland maybe Portrush rob.
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    Florence Knox

    Good Morning Dave. Thankyou very much for your help,sorry i did not reply earlier i just work at the weekend,i have no computer at home so i have to use the librarys. We have no information on Florence. The names of her sons are Dads cousins. Many Thanks. rob @ family
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    Florence Knox

    Hello. Trying to find any info on Florence Knox Married William Frederick Kent,1930 Chertsey please. rob
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    George kent

    Hello Dave. Thanks a lot for your message ,we are very grateful. Rob @ Family
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    George kent

    Good Morning everyone . Many Thanks for all your help @ information,very kind. Im very "sorry" we did want help with Anns maiden name , Marriage. Thank you . Robin @ Family.
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    George kent

    Hello. Weve been trying to find , ( George Kent born 1831,) any information for his wife,Ann ( ? ) i was sent the transcript of the 1871 census. Their son James born 1862,Winkfield Married Ellen Tucker born 1868, Oxfordshire. Any help would be a help. Robin.
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    edith kent

    We have been searching for a marriage for Edith Kent ,born,1892,Bracknell Berkshire. Her parents were James Kent , Born Winkfield c1862,@ Ellen Tucker. 1911 census she was living in Florence Cottage , Ascot with her parents @ siblings. Any help would be very helpful thankyou. robin.
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    genes reunited

    Good Morning. Googled genes reunited. clicked on genes reunited .co.uk....did not sign in....a ladies name on the homepage appeared. Tried 3 more times,the same thing happened. would it be ok if i could write her name....no members number though. i hope this makes sense....got to go...
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    Ashes hat trick

    england should have played Eion Morgan....
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    violet bird

    Good morning ozn . Im very sorry i have not replied Thank you very much for your help . My friend had just started his search , he sends his Thanks to you and everyone . robin.