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Recent content by rs17

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    Mystery Father?

    Amazing what you can find on the internet, found a pic of his grave http://www.canadianheadstones.com/on/view.php?id=644376
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    Mystery Father?

    Clara Jane eventually married Clifford Torrington, who was in the Royal Engineers :) Maybe she had a thing for that regiment!
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    Mystery Father?

    Thanks all, especially Elaine. That all fits together nicely. Can't know for definite but how many other Richard Faulkners in the Engineers can there be at that time? :) That missing baptism was the key. Is it not on ancestry? I can't find it even now I know what i'm looking for. Their search...
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    Mystery Father?

    I'm looking into my great-gran's parents. (Parents of Beatrice May Marks, 15/09/1906 - 27/10/1995) Looks like her mother was Clara Jane Marks (Apr 1884 - Sept 1955) My gran always thought Clara Jane's maiden name was Torrington, but remembers seeing a wedding certificate with a different name...
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    Thanks :) hope i find what i'm after!
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    How do i post attachments?

    I've got a query, but can't post attachments so no point asking at the moment :(
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    Hi there, Richard from England here. Looking at tracing family free back and solving a mystery Thanks