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    Sarah Saunders - Brick Wall

    Hey, I hope that someone far smarter than me can help with this little problem I am having with my family search. My paternal Grandparents were James Thomas Luke Saunders and Sarah Melinda Ann Shute, they got married in Birmingham on 23rd May 1897 at St Johns in Ladywood. They had children...
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    James Saunders - Death 1926 - Birmingham

    Thanks all - seems my family is full of secrets and its very difficult to get any information out of my father..the phrase "blood from stone" springs to mind. I am going to see where his death was registered and try and contact the local churches etc to see if they have any help to give...
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    James Saunders - Death 1926 - Birmingham

    Hey all, I am trying to find out as many details as I can ref my great grand father James Thomas Luke Saunders - I believe I have found his death using ancestry which shows Sept 1926 in Birmingham however where do I find his final resting place. Tried using various deceased websites however...
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    presenting information

    Hey, Is there a standard way to present this genealogy information ? perhaps other people keep a separate documents for each of the people along with key dates or events etc? I am due to the growing number of certificates that I have gained which I feel though now be presented in a way that...
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    Little More Help - Bell & Blane

    Re: Little More Help Dave - you are a legend!!! Thanks :-)
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    Little More Help - Bell & Blane

    Hi, I have just got another entry from Scotlands People and I cant read it. Bit cheeky I know however can someone help me with the top entry form Joseph Bell and Rosanna Blane please? https://www.dropbox.com/s/9decv6t7b9wwr0h/Jospeh%20Bell%20%26%20Rosana%20Blane%20Wedding.pdf Thanks
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    Help Reading This

    Hi, If there is anyone here that can help me read this document then I would be externally grateful. It looks like there is an address here however I cant quite make it out, possibly due to the ink fading etc. Can anyone help please...
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    Details for family that dont have any image on Scotlands People

    Hey, I am trying to see if some of the names I have found are part of my Bell family from troon however there are no image details on Scotlands people, just a name that's all. Can anyone recommend any way other than ordering the certificate etc to see if these two people are connected ...
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    Help Reading Record - Jane Eccles Cowan

    Hello, can anyone help me here with reading the bottom entry for this offical birth record just downloaded (and paid for) off Scotlands People please? http://sdrv.ms/11bDj9f its the bottom one and should be for Jane Eccles Cowan. Any help would be most grateful as I cant make head nor tails...
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    researching individual people

    Hey, I think I am a missing something here and perhaps the experts on this forum can offer me some advise. All this time I have been looking for the connection between people as well as their key bits of information such as birth, marriage and death. Should I be researching individuals in...
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    help finding birth & death

    Hi Dave, the 2nd one is his yes, I have found the census report but cant seem to find any record of his birth or death.. think I am missing something.
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    help finding birth & death

    Hello, can someone please help me trace any record of my great grandfather who was called James Thomas Luke Saunders and he was born in 1878 in Bristol. I know that he married a lady from Birmingham called Sarah Ann Shute (on some of their childrens birth certificates she has put her name as...
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    question on marrage certificate dates

    Thanks for your reply - I just need to try and find what my grandfather did in the Navy,all my father could tell me was that he worked on the submarines.
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    question on marrage certificate dates

    Hello, I am currently trying to create a timeline of events for my paternal parents however I think I have hit a massive brick wall which is just doing my head to put to blunt... My father confirmed that his parents got married in Birmingham even though his father was from there and his mother...
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    Christopher J Saunders - Navy?

    Hello, Does anyone know how to confirm what my grandfather did during WW2 at all? He was born in Birmingham in around 1916 and met his wife in Troon, Aryshire in Scotland... they got married in Birmingham but she stayed back in Troon for a good few years until her she moved to Birmingham in...