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Recent content by scottv7saunders

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    Florence Bates (M/S Aubrey)

    Hey, This is a bit of a cheeky request but can anyone help with some assistance filling in the blanks with regards to my great-grandmother, please? Like my other users, my knowledge of great-grandparents is limited at best so making sense of the various records is proving a challenge (albeit...
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    help with marriage bans

    Hey, Can someone help me with the attached document please? I can work out the names of the people getting married and their fathers etc but I need to be clear on the profession of the groom, their address and who witnessed the marriage. As an extra - if someone can clean up the name of the...
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    where else to search

    Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful :-)
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    where else to search

    Hey, I am putting together an excel sheet charting the key events in the life of my grandmother who unfortunately died last month and I face the harsh realisation that there was very little known about this lovely lady whose life was full of some very real heartache. So here I am asking what...