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  • Hi
    I've seen your message on my page, but would need more information than that to go on.
    Hi thanks for the PM. The names I gave you for Nicholas/Mary were all I could find. I can't see a David. I have given you the ref details so you can browse through the records yourself, I have also given you the entry refs for other children born in Snettisham from about 1815 to 1835. It is a long slog, but I suggest you start at page 1 and record all refs to Dodman you come accross. Do the same for marriages. You may like to do the same with Fring.
    good luck
    I've checked the Snettisham parish registers for baptisms.
    Nicholas/Mary Pilgrim
    I can't find a David
    275 William 7th Jan 1821
    342 Ann 2nd Feb 1823
    422 John 4 Sep 1825
    505 Avis 6 Jan 1828 (bad image, looks like Avis)
    593 Elizabeth 17 Oct 1830

    I did not find a Nicholas birth but found a death 7 Jul 1832

    Norfolk parish regs are available on line. Bring up the new Family search site.. https://www.familysearch.org/... scroll up to list of countries
    select Europe
    sroll up to England Norfolk Parish Registers, click Browse images
    scroll through parishes to click Snettisham
    select Baptisms/mariages/deaths then date required

    there are also children to Thomas/Mary Laws and William /Christine during the same period

    Refs for Thomas 90/140/171/209 and 272
    Refs for William 275/342/422/505 and 593
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