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Recent content by Smee

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    John William Plaisted 1945 - 1983

    Hi How do i go about finding a record of a marriage in Australia for about 1971- 1983. I think the marriage might of taken place in Sydney, however i don't really know, Sydney is where his brother was. Thanks for any help. Smee
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    Moleta (Italy) Criscillo ? Gattsche/Gottsch (Germany)

    Hi does anyone have any searchable websites for Italy and GErmany. The German Family were born in Holstein area. Still collecting data for shipping news int o New Zealand. Some certificates will verify other information i have. Thanks Smee
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    Harry Plaisted na Lucy Jeans Children??

    Looking for information on William Thomas W Plaisted, he was born in London England in 18..., his parents are Harry Plaisted and Lucy Jeans. William Thomas married Ruth Wheeler in 1924 in Miami, Gila, Arizona, America, i have found various census records (thanks to the local library) however i...
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    Help with John William Johnstone-Gordon

    Hi I have the marraige certificate (New Zealand) for John William Johnstone-Gordon, he was born in 1875 in Pert, Scotland. The marraige cert states that his parents are:- John William Johnstone-Gordon, Occupation Gentleman Mary Jane Johnstone-Gordon nee Gordon I have still been unable to...
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    William John Johnstone-Gordon

    Just recieved a marriage entry for John William Johnstone-Gordon b. 17 Aug 1874, Perth, Scotland and wife Sarah Mary Anne Hoppy b. 1883, Hutt, New Zealand On this entry it gives John Williams parents as William John Johnstone-Gordon and Mary Jane Johnstone-Gordon nee Gordon Still not sure if...
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    Do you need New Zealand marriages 1836 - 1956

    :biggrin: If there is anyone out their who needs a marriage in New Zealand between 1836 - 1956 i will do a look up for you, no problem, at our local library they are now on computer between these dates. Smee
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    My Heritage Website

    Recently started to use this website www.myheritage.com You can download a Family Tree Builder and then publish it online to your own website, you can make your tree private and invite people to use it. I also found that you can do for free Charts, Reports and Books There is also a good...
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    Thomas Price 1834

    I have been researching Thomas Price b. 1834 in Hope, Tryddyn, Flintshire, Wales. I have managed to source his census from 1861 - 1891 after that i think he passed away. He married Mary Bellis in 1857 (Wrexham District) and they had 6 sons. I am looking for earlier records (1841 - 1851) so...
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    German Family

    Help Does anyone know anything about researching German Families who went to live in England prior to the 1st World War. I have a Henry Cooke who was born in Liverpool in 1904 and apparently either of his parents were German or his grandparents were. At present i don't know where to start as...
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    Husbands at sea

    Hi I have been searching for family who are shipwrights, it seems that on at least one census it states that husband is at sea......Since i can't find a few of the brothers i am now thinking that they maybe at sea during various census. dow anyone know how to trace them, as in what ship they...
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    British Subjects born in France

    Hi all Could someone please let me know how i can track a relative who was born in France in 1836. I finally found Louisa Higham (also spelt Lanzia and Louise on different census forms) on the census records in the UK and the places of birth were......France, South of France and Paris...
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    John Higham b abt 1811 who are his parents

    I am looking for the parents of John Higham who was born in Lewes, Sussex abt 1811. He married Sarah Taylor on 24th August 1834 in St Nicholas, Brighton Sussex. I have been unable to find access to parish records, as i know that parents names could be on them. Another researcher and i are...
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    Hugh Hayley or Healey

    Looking for information on Hugh Hayley born about 1831 in Tipperary, Ireland. Migrated to Sandbach Cheshire, not sure what year. Married a lady called Ellen again not sure where. I have records from 1871 for Hugh Hayley in Cheshire along with children and wife. Would love to know who his...
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    William Hill

    hi:) Looking for information on William Hill. born about 1867, records state he was born in Antrim, Ireland. Would like more information on this man, he lived in New Zealand, not sure when he came over to NZ, there is a family story that he came over with his older sister. Some say he was a...
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    Somerset Census 1841 & 1851 - Norman

    Hi Looking for information on James Martin Norman, who was born on the 12th September 1844 in Crowcombe in Somerset, England. His parents are listed as Robert Norman and Mary Norman, nee Hedford. Any help much appreciated, i would love to get further back on this family tree with siblings...