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    WWI medals, R.A.M.C

    Thanks for the help and quick response, however I'm going to have to put a spoke in the wheel, I'm sorry but I should have given the name on the medals it's Private or p t e,, A.Corbett R.A.M.C 8. And the number 8 P.t.e. A.Corbett...
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    WWI medals, R.A.M.C

    Hi, I have some medals which are from a private in the R.A.M.C, they have his name, rank, but I thought his service number should also be on them, the only number is 8 any ideas what this means, as this is my only help for doing some research, thanks.
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    Royal Army Medical Corps (R.A.M.C)

    Hi, I'm also looking for some information on the R.A.M.C, I have some medals with the persons name on and rank, but I thought they should also have his service number on, instead it just has the number 8, any idea what that's for, thanks.