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Recent content by soosiep

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    help I seem to have unsubscribed myself from the site.. gibbo can you contact me on edited please
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    I think this is my 3rd message as you suggested gibbo, but cant seem to find PM or contact email soosiep
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    how to use chat room or PM

    Help guys..need to talk to gibbo..cant seem to find how soosiep
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    want to contact you gibbo, but dont know how to use the PM???? soosiep
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    To gibbo, You ara darling.. I have been looking for this for 6 years, but yes that would be him as he lived in Grays london, but dont know why it took so long to bury him as he died on 6th Jan.. Anything further wiould be greatly appreciated. Sue Down Under
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    I know my granfather died on 8th Jan 1916, but how do I find his grave .he was Robert Page Sowter