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Recent content by sparklingtechie

  1. sparklingtechie

    Chat room vote

    Could a mod please close this thread? thank you all for voting the result after a week (that agreed time) was 10 yes to 7 no. However as steve really doesn't want one it looks like we're not going to get one anyway. The next time I'm asked what I want I'll ask someone else!
  2. sparklingtechie

    Chat room vote

    Thank you :)
  3. sparklingtechie

    Chat room vote

    Again chat rooms do come with private room functions where you can decide who comes in and who does not. Not all of us what to have 'private 3 way' conversations some of us want real time chat.
  4. sparklingtechie

    Chat room vote

    No it's a forum a chat room is where you can talk in real time not hours or days later.
  5. sparklingtechie

    Chat room vote

    OK..this has been up a week and for the last few days has been 10 yes for the chat room and 7 no. So for the 10 of us who are preobably regular posters anyway can we pretty plz have one.:)
  6. sparklingtechie

    What would you like to see?

    Steve...as I said before...you already have this facility. When you message someone you can add another username too. Underneath the name of the person you are messaging you will see the below:- You may send your message to up to 2 people at a time. Separate multiple user names with ';' that...
  7. sparklingtechie

    What would you like to see?

    I dunno if this request comes under this catagory but I would like to see/have notifications of new posts on threads I have posted on when they happen not 14 or so hours later.
  8. sparklingtechie

    Ancestry searches at the library

    And what sites would those be? I dont know of any 100% free site that does all that.
  9. sparklingtechie

    Political correctess one mad

    As someone who is part of that community it is also widely accepted by those with reasonably good eyesight that white people do not produce as much melanin and black people :2fun::2fun::2fun::2fun:
  10. sparklingtechie

    Political correctess one mad

    Melatonan is a sleep aid :2fun: You meant Melanin;) and no not everyone was once black, that is an opinion not a fact.
  11. sparklingtechie


  12. sparklingtechie

    Political correctess one mad

    My firs set of kids are mixed race and their father pitch black...I cannot really use the words here that he did when talking of these things...but the base line is...he is not coloured or multi racialal...he is big...he is black...and it's mainly white peoples fears that make them come out with...
  13. sparklingtechie

    What would you like to see?

    Take heart, I have no awards either, but that's 'cos I thought no one liked me eek) (trying for sympathy points here :2fun: )
  14. sparklingtechie

    Cemetery transcripts

    Hi I found this http://www.interment.net/uk/index.htm
  15. sparklingtechie