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    Herrod/Smith marriage confusion

    Hi Gortonboy, Thanks for your reply! I had found that marriage in my search, but had discounted it (possibly naively) as it would have made Elizabeth Herrod 37 when she had my Grandfather. I'll order the certificates to see what other information I can find. Cheers, Steph
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    Herrod/Smith marriage confusion

    Hi, hopefully someone can help me. I am trying to trace my great grandparents, and have come to a dead end. :mad: My Grandfather was born in 1924 and his birth certificate says his mother was Elizabeth Ann Smith (formerly Herrod) and his father was Ernest Smith (registration district...
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    Hi :biggrin: I started researching my family history on my mother's side a few years ago, and so far have found it absolutely fascinating! I've discovered relatives who I didn't know about, and enjoyed enlightening them and my family about the information I've found so far. I got quite far...