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Recent content by Steve Kean

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    Uploading gedcoms

    Just enjoyed the free weekend on FMP thanks to a heads-up on here. I uploaded what I already had in Gedcom format as a base for the FMP research. After adding some sources & people to my tree I downloaded a gedcom which I used to update my Legacy8 master database. Now I would like to update...
  2. S

    40% off Ancestry Annual membership

    That's under 70 quid for the year - only available before Jan 5th 2016 & you will be charged for a full membership (£120) for the following year unless you cancel the auto renewal process before you get billed next year. BTW I am NOT advertising Ancestry, it's just that I haven't seen any...
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    James & Anne Kean, Tamworth

    James & Anne are listed in 1810 as the parents of James Kean Baptised in Tamworth. James senior is listed as a Farmer, but I have not been able to gather any further information on him or his marriage. I would guess it to have been between 1790-1810 and his birth to have been between 1760-1790...
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    Some Anestry help needed please.

    Some Ancestry help needed please. Two questions, if I may; 1/ I have a free Ancestry account which I created by uploading a gedcom from an off line Legacy8 database. I would now like to export a gedcom from the Ancestry file to sync my offline Legacy8 files with what I have discovered on...
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    Released from Norfolk island

    Well, I spent me Dollars & got the cert. I couldn't upload the whole thing, too big, but I have attached a snip of the relevant entry below. James Kean, painter, from Glasgow & Elizabeth Kean (nee Cullen) also from Glasgow. :'( So that ain't him is it? Even if he changed his place of...
  6. S

    Evenin' all.

    I've been taking advantage of the free weekend on "Findmypast" but ran out of time. Have found a lot of info to extend what we had from family members & other relatives' researches. I'm now looking for ways of increasing my ability to search without spending too much money! :rolleyes:
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    Released from Norfolk island

    My Great great great grandfather (a solicitor) was sent to Norfolk Island in 1844 for "false utterance" of will worth £14,000. I have found his record for the duration & that he was released in 1850, but cannot find a trace of him after that. His name is James Kean, b 1811 in Uttoxeter...