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Recent content by stevegraham85

  1. stevegraham85

    Passing of Oz

    Hi this is Rebecca, Oz's daughter. I just wanted to let all his friends on here know he passed away this morning at home. I know how much this site meant to him and that so many of you helped keep him busy through the long days. Thanks again for helping dad with his family history I know how...
  2. stevegraham85

    Japan declares Nuclear Emergency?

    Things are going from bad to worse on earth this year. More info as it comes to hand. Oz
  3. stevegraham85

    What day is it?

    That the teddy bears have their picnic. My grandchildren would like to know.:)
  4. stevegraham85

    My computers got the go slows since last night when the site was upgraded

    I'm having problems, when switching forums it says waiting for www.9ksz.net and then takes forever or i have to submit again. What to do?
  5. stevegraham85

    A Way With Words

    Found in old church records !785 John Banff, natural son of Jean Carr, AN IDIOT, died 18 oct aged 15 months, Buried at back of the shoemaker stair, Northside of Church
  6. stevegraham85

    Real time chat

    I was one that did vote for real time chat, however i also wanted a 3 way pm system as an further option. I have 6 rellies that are members of fhuk and friends, sometimes we may want to discuss something that is not relevant to family history or could be of a personal family matter. Hope this...
  7. stevegraham85

    Ist day of Autumn

    Ist day of Autumn yesterday and it was a warm 35 deg celsius day in my area.
  8. stevegraham85

    Political correctess one mad

    Baa Black sheep has now been changed to Baa rainbow sheep. So what do we call black people, rainbow people? and i have a black gggggg grandfather and I'm not offended by the word black. Recently i was in a restaurant and i asked for a cup of black tea and i was told the policy was that i had...
  9. stevegraham85

    William J Aller / Allen

    William believed born Australia 1838, occupation Mariner. Married Susan Goodsell Hayes 2806/1862 I can't find when he died or much else on him. Any help please. Oz
  10. stevegraham85

    Bad earthquake 65 dead and still counting

    Our poor Kiwi Cousins in Christchurch NZ have had another bad Quake in under 5 months. Badly shaken survivors tell of bad swaying in buildings, the bitumen on the roads folded up like an accordion, liquid faction in the city of churches running every where, buildings toppled and badly injured...
  11. stevegraham85

    Mr. Joass Dead beside the road

    In researching my Joass family from Scotland and then Australia after they came here i found a reference to to a John Joass died 1889 beside the road in the outback somewhere near Birdsville. His horse also found dead near watering hole, it took quite some days before John Joass's body was...
  12. stevegraham85

    "Having A Blue"

    "Having a Blue" is an Australian expression from our very early days. I wonder if anyone from UK have heard of it. It means 2 things that i know of, men would just came up to me for no reason and say in angry manner "Do you want a Blue" mate.If you said no they would still king hit you anyway...
  13. stevegraham85

    Unusual Family Names

    I just found some ancestors with the family name of DUCK, glad they didn't call there son Donald:biggrin:
  14. stevegraham85

    Clean Funny Jokes

    Q:How can you speed up the heart rate of your 60 + husband? A: Tell him your pregnant:biggrin:
  15. stevegraham85

    Very bad news for Abalone Diver

    Diver taken by 2 huge white pointer sharks in South Australia. What a dreadful way to die. My thoughts are with his family