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Recent content by stockpot

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    Ethel LOCKWOOD and Florence & Thomas OLIVER

    Don't know whether you are still interested in Denis Albert Oliver but I have had a quick look at him, I think this is him:- Edna G Denton m.m.n Lockwood, born 1919 Q4 West Ham Denis A Oliver m. Edna G Denton Portsmouth 1941 Q3 Denis Albert Oliver b. 13.12.1918 d Southampton 1982 Denis A...
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    Ethel LOCKWOOD and Florence & Thomas OLIVER

    Ethel May Denton born 10.12.1891 died in Colchester in 1972 Q2, does that fit with your family? (May and Mary often interchanged) It seems her birth was registered Jan 1892,(you're allowed 6 wks to register, that can put it into the next year - perhaps that's your problem?) m.m.n. Ray and she...
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    Ethel LOCKWOOD and Florence & Thomas OLIVER

    I have checked and Ethel M Lockwood married Henry G Denton in Portsmouth in 1915. In the 1939 register at 531 Katherine Rd East Ham there is :- Allen Lockwood, 3 Feb 1864, Mech Eng retired Ethel M Denton, 12 Dec 1891, Slipper Bath attendant no one else in the household. The register doesn't...
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    Ethel LOCKWOOD and Florence & Thomas OLIVER

    in 1911 the second Ethel Mary is a servant to Thomas and Florence Oliver . he is a traveller (drapery) and they have been married 12 yrs with no children. Ethel was born Bow. in 1901 there is an Ethel M Lockwood, age 9, born Bow, living in Bow with her parents Allen 37, hot water fitter and...
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    Charles Tylor - Islington

    Jacob and Emma Tyler seem to be the correct parents ;- Jacob Tyler married Emma Stock Dunmow Essex 1881 Q4, Four children registered Tyler m.m.n. Stock:- Thomas Alfred, Dunmow 1882 Maud Harriet, Epping 1885 Alfred George, Epping 1888 William, Edmonton 1892 These children are with the family...
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    Burial for Alice (Bull) Lyons

    Can't really help with this but if you know the date of death local newspapers often used to carry funeral details so it may be worth going to the library in Derby and looking through the death announcements. Elaine PS, it seems from Ancestry that she died Q4 1974, not 1975, does that make any...
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    This marriage could be useful, it could be your g.g fathers brother : (from Family Search) 27 Feb 1897 Allegheny Pennsylvania Patrick Allen McDade born 17 June 1872 Scotland electrician married Mattie Abbot Family Search has a child Allan McDaid (sic) born 17 June 1871 at Abbey, Paisley...
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    St Nicholas Parish Church Brighton

    The three extra births are on Ancestry, in the data set "London England Church of England Births and Baptisms 1813 - 1916" which has images of the actual registers. I was trying to fill the gaps in the family so just searched for the surname with parents Francis and Eliza then checked on the...
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    St Nicholas Parish Church Brighton

    I seem to be going round in circles looking at this and I'm afraid I am no further on! I agree there is a clash of birthdates for Eliza & Edward, both born 1808. In fact in 1851 Eliza Newby is 39 and in 1871 she is 62 so was born any time around 1809 - 1812. I wonder whether she could be the...
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    St Nicholas Parish Church Brighton

    I can't answer you question but I have looked at the censuses, baptisms etc and can see your problem. One thing I can suggest is to get the "letters of administration with will annexed" for Francis Thompson, with any luck it will mention his son Albert with enough detail for you to know whether...
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    John Hegarty

    From your user name & location I have worked back and I think your grandparents must be John Hegarty and Catherine McGurk who married in Consett in 1912. In the 1939 register John gives his birth as 5 Sept 1870 and in the 1911 census he is a Blast Furnace labourer lodging in Consett. Born in...
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    Mary Margaret Davies

    I seem to have the wrong family in 1901 as there is no brother, but it is a Mary M Davies, born Cardiff 1898, mother Margaret, living in Cardiff :- 63 Bridge street, St John parish, Cardiff Margaret Davies, Head, Widow, 24, Manageress Publican, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Mary M Davies, Daughter...
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    Mary Margaret Davies

    No, had a good look but can't find her. I see her mother was a 24yr old widow in 1901, perhaps she remarried and Mary took her new name? Elaine
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    Eliza WEAVING

    Baptisms St Marylebone 1813 Ann d.o. William & Sophie Bubb 1816 Harriet d.o. William & Lucy Bubb 1818 Eliza d.o. William & Lucy Bubb 1820 William s.o. William & Lucy Bubb 1821 Mary d.o. William & Lucy Bubb marriage at St Marylebone 1 July 1815 William Bubb widower & Lucy Rust spinster by...
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    Mahon Family

    That's fine, sorry I didn't make myself clear. Do ask here if you need any more help with the family. Elaine