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    Niggling problem with 'My Heritage' program.

    21% vat,eek) gordon bennet, the disease is spreading like a canker.:2fun: And I thought that you were going to tell me, yes, but the prices are a lot cheaper. I could have killed two birds with one stone, not that I'd actually do such a thing, but my grandfather was born in Larne, county Antrim...
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    Niggling problem with 'My Heritage' program.

    Thanks, ptjw7. I guess that I should be thankful for what I have got, because in the main, it does work. All the same, another program caught my fancy, I'm like that you know, it's Roots Magic. I like the idea of having the drag and drop tool, along with the ability to open more than one window...
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    Awarded a coat of arms

    I agree with what you say on this matter, but with the sort of money involved here, I doubt that anything will change for the good. :)
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    Revenge of the cat

    Very funny....:2fun::2fun:
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    Is it possible

    Yes! Is the simple reply. You could pull a muscle doing it. All I can add to this, is that there must have been some serious laughing going on there?:2fun::2fun:
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    Niggling problem with 'My Heritage' program.

    Drat... Double Drat! I should have known better, but being what is known as a silver surfer, I'm not supposed to know anything about computers... Now i know I don't!:2fun::2fun: Still, there's hope for all of us yet. Now where did I put my keyboard?..:o
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    Niggling problem with 'My Heritage' program.

    Thank you for your response, Peter. Although my 'Heritage' program has these complications, I do like the fact that I can produce a pdf file on my whole family tree, including any and all photos I need included, colour too, and that I can add text later if needed. I guess that I wouldn't like to...
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    Awarded a coat of arms

    Sorry, Duckweed! It seems that we can't do anything these days without paying through the nose for the privilege. It's a whole lot like paying for public records like the old census data, records that have been acquired through spending public money in the first place. Ah! That's something I...
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    Hi, and welcome to the forum. I wish you success in your quest.:)
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    From Canada

    Hi Lori, and welcome to the forum where it's all happening.:)
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    Hi Denise and welcome to the forum. Did you know that frustration is one of the most common events encountered by people researching their ancestors? I say, never give in, no matter what...:)
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    Help!! Let me In.

    Oh Dash! (walks away mumbling to himself.):2fun:
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    Awarded a coat of arms

    Although I'm not able to help you with your enquiry, the following website is there for this purpose. Hope it helps.:) http://www.college-of-arms.gov.uk/
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    Me at School.

    Quite MAD!:2fun:
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    Help!! Let me In.

    Duckweed! Go stand in the corner and don't come back until you've stopped complaining.:D