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Recent content by sue ault

  1. sue ault

    missing harrington family

    Hi Barbara 1871 the family are living at 2 bakers court, marylebone 1881 3 bakers court 1891 the family should be living at devonshire place or street. 1901 i dont know were jeremiah is he dies 1908 marylebone infirmary, mary ann dies 1900. Sue
  2. sue ault

    missing harrington family

    Hello All, Can I please ask for some help, I am trying to find a Jeremiah harrington and his wife Mary ann. Jeremiah was born 1840 southwark but he obviously did not know he was born here because he all ways puts london. His wife mary Ann was born Ireland. Jeremiah is my x 2 grandfather and I...
  3. sue ault

    Missing Sister

    I have just been told she was also known as poppy ? where are you poppy ? Sue x :confused: :o
  4. sue ault

    Missing Sister

    Hi Dave, it is only infomation from another researcher, she stated mary took her children with her?. Sue x
  5. sue ault

    Missing Sister

    Hello all, firstly happy new year to you all and yes it's good to be back. We ( all family researching ) believe mary had children with william warwick. If he remaried I wonder if I look up divorces on Ancestry I might find the divorce. I didn't think mary died but it was supposedly a royal...
  6. sue ault

    Missing Sister

    I am honestly not asking anyone to look this up, I just wanted some advice on where to go to look for infomation. Any ideas please. kind regards sue
  7. sue ault

    Missing Sister

    Hello all, long time since i have been on the site can i ask for some advice please. My grandmother was a victorian lady born 1886, Lee lewisham, kent. her father charles had previously married a hannah newell and they had 5 children. hannah goes missing by 1881 and charles is with my grt...
  8. sue ault

    Calling all Harrington family members

    Sadly I can only go back to a Jeremiah harrington born 1800, where about unknown. Was a Blacksmith by trade and died 1840 in southwark surrey. He may have married an irish woman Elizabeth Cronin from county cork. I think maybe my harrington's were part of the irish line, I really don't know...
  9. sue ault

    Ever so sorry all

    Hi all please forgive me I dont get on here much and want to confess to you all I am not very technical. I have just realised there is a little triangle thingy that tells me of all sorts like private messages etc. Well after all this time I have only just seen it, must be an age thing. So sorry...
  10. sue ault

    Missing Blacksmith

    Helo all, long time no speak. I gave up for a while It was something I needed to do just to get all my apers and any infomation i have collected over the years into some sort of order. It is now done, well sort of. I have a grt x 3rd grandfather jeremiah Harrington. He was possily born 1800 wher...
  11. sue ault

    unknown people

    Helo all, isn't it sad when you are given photo's of family members whom noody knows who they are. I have recently been sent 4 pictures and there is not one member of my family living who knows who the hell these people are. sadly they are in my we will never know folder. I still check now and...
  12. sue ault

    Victorian cross stitch task

    Hello Rune, firstly thank you for the interesting infomation and I can understant it being a pashion of yours. My sister belongs to the cross stitch guild and has produced some beautiful samplers herself. I will take a photo of both samplers I have as both are victorian. I will try to upload...
  13. sue ault

    Victorian cross stitch task

    Interesting worth a check sue :)
  14. sue ault

    Victorian cross stitch task

    Hello all, Many years ago I purchased a vitorian cross stitch sampler, it was in red so I am assuming it may have been completed in a workhouse. I was told once that workhouses only had the one colour cotton ?. There is a childs name and age and a year on the sampler, I have tried on various...
  15. sue ault

    Not Technical

    Hello all, Well I took my lap top away to derbyshire this weekend and signed into a internet connection that was safe believe it or not. when I got home although I was connected to my BT router I was only working off line. Now you all have to understand this was a travesty for me s I am not...