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    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for the reply and I am sorry I did not answer sooner. I would love to get in touch with family members. I do not know Margaret Wilson, but I have touched base with Drew Nelson in Canada. I believe he is also a descendant of Janet Watson.

    I know that James and Mary both came from Scotland. James supposedly came from the Edinburgh area. I have been tracing some leads on Mary Craig and I believe she was from the Borders area of Scotland. She left home around the age of 16 and was given a crooked pence for good luck. I believe she and James were married in Scotland and have found a marriage record for James Watson and Mary Craig in Westruther, Berwick, Scotland in 1834. However I am not positive on this record because I have also heard family information that says they were married in Canada.

    Would love to communicate with Margaret and share info. Thanks for your help.

    Sue Williams
    Prescott, Arizona
    Hi there,

    Firstly can I say that this is not my family. I am a volunteer researcher for Borders Family History society and am doing this for a lady who has asked us to try and find out who James Watson and Mary Craig were, ie their parents and siblings. But since then I have had a lady get in touch named Margaret Wilson who is descended from Janet Watson. I am happy to put you in touch with these people if you don't already know of them. But first do you know anything about James and Mary, any family stories about where they came from and any idea of Mary Craig's mother seemingly Mary Peebles Craig but that is from Margaret and I am really not sure if they know for sure. They had some family history done in the 70s but I dont know how accurate it has been .

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