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Recent content by Sunscreen

  1. Sunscreen

    St Barnabas Church Burnmoor/Bournmoor,Durham

    Hi Dave Thanks for info - already checked Lucy out (we thought same as you!) but she died aged two years in 1926. Leone's birth is a total mystery, we've covered her 'three' marriages and her death, but thanks again anyway Sunscreen
  2. Sunscreen

    St Barnabas Church Burnmoor/Bournmoor,Durham

    Hi wondered if anyone has access to the above Church records for the following people: Baptism: Anita Hetherington born 1/1/1946 Parents Jackson & Leone Hetherington birth/baptism: Leone Mcdermott (mother Nora Batey) She always said she was born 11/09/1924, but so far the first record I can...
  3. Sunscreen

    Canadian census

    Hi Would anyone be able to the following lookups for me? 1901 Norfolk (North/Nord) Canada census Laura Iione Bain b 1887 also 1891 Canadian Census (dist Muskoka & Parry Sound, Dist 75) for William John Hetherington b. 1887, Thornbury, Ontario thankyou Sunscreen
  4. Sunscreen

    Jackson Hetherington

    Hi Thanks very much for the info; really appreciate it, as I'm not subscribed to any overseas info! one last favour have you access to any information that could tell me if Jackson & Maxine had any Children? once again thanks, Sunscreen:)
  5. Sunscreen

    Jackson Hetherington

    Can anyone found any info after 1943 on Jackson(Jack) Hetherington, this is what I've got so far: Born 1916 (possibly Scarborough, Ontario) was a sergeant (R.129600) in Canadian Royal Air Force stationed at Chivenor, Devon, UK. married Leone McDermott from Durham, who was working at RAF...
  6. Sunscreen


    Hi you bet me Steve: yes, very slow, but finally got in, had to log in again - usually just go straight in with my saved password sunscreen
  7. Sunscreen

    why not use our live chatroom ?

    Hi not in to chat rooms; but downloaded the toolbar when I first joined and it's been fine Sunscreen :)
  8. Sunscreen

    A Trip Down Forum Way.

    :2fun: sunscreen
  9. Sunscreen

    Holbeck, Yorkshire.

    Hi again Setve Just back from Library - hope this is the one, unfortunately not as much info on these enteries think the curate Mr Clapham made a mistake & put an a instead of o, as the witness signature is definately an o! Marriage: Parish Church of Leeds 15th October 1821 Joseph Crampton...
  10. Sunscreen

    Holbeck, Yorkshire.

    Hi Steve you're very welcome Will definately do my best to find Joseph & Harriets marriage, probably sometime next week as I need to do some 'lookups' for myself Need to check Harriet, not sure if Gildersome comes under Leeds or Bradford - they changed the bounderies alot over the years...
  11. Sunscreen

    Holbeck, Yorkshire.

    Hi Steve Marriage: 6th July, 1951, St Peters Church, Leeds (CE46/36/171) William Crompton, Bachelor age 27, occ Tanner, Holbeck, Father Joseph Crompton, occ Clothier. Mary Child, Spinster age 22yr, occ -, Holbeck, Father Isaac Child, occ Clothier. witness's Thomas Woodward & Martha Best...
  12. Sunscreen


    Hi yes it's a good site, used it for a while, unfortunately no one is researching any of my surnames! Pat::o
  13. Sunscreen

    Holbeck, Yorkshire.

    Hi again Steve Just had email from central library and they hold Parish records for Holbeck, so will go in and have a good search, hopefully, tomorrow; but if not it will be next week as I have my little Grandson on Fridays (don't think he'd be the best at sitting quietly for a couple of...
  14. Sunscreen

    Holbeck, Yorkshire.

    Hi Steve No problem, I will see what I can find & get back to you Pat
  15. Sunscreen

    Holbeck, Yorkshire.

    Hi Steve I live in Leeds, if I can help with a look up get back to me Pat