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Recent content by SuperFuzz

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    Helping finding a marriage/spouse

    Thank you!!!!
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    Helping finding a marriage/spouse

    Hello, I am doing a tree for my stepfather. His mother was Elizabeth J Wade, born 1914 in Lincolnshire, dying in 1999 in Surrey. Elizabeth's mother was Frances Elizabeth Marshall, born 1882 in Nottinghamshire and she died in 1935. I have been able to trace Frances's father's and mother's line...
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    Another cemetery look up

    Hi there, I don't know if anyone can help me but I am requesting a grave look up and a cremation look up. I am trying to find where in Allerton Cemetery (Liverpool, UK), Ellen/Eleanor Page was buried. She was born 3rd Oct 1902 in Liverpool, and died on 24/12/1948 in Liverpool. I am not sure...
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    Find the right cemetery help

    Hey Hi there, my ancestor is called Thomas Tucker Page, born about 1845 in Bermuda. He lived most his life in Liverpool, U.K. working as a sailor. He died in 1915. I had found his burial record on Ancestry but now I’m in Liverpool for two days I cannot find it. I believe he was definitely buried...
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    Hey there, if I am ordering a GRO certificate, what is 'M' quarter?
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    Anne Whalley

    Hi there, I have an Anne Whalley born around 1845. Census records after she was married say she was born in Bristol, UK but in another one she says 'Bridel, Somerset'. I haven't been able to find her in the birth indexes, so am hoping to find her marriage record to find out more about her, at...
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    John Fitzsimmons and Mary Rodgers

    Hi there, I am looking for a marriage between John Fitzsimmons, who was born about 1838 in Cavan, Ireland; and Mary Rodgers who was born about 1843 in Cavan. They later moved to Liverpool, but their first few children were born in Cavan. Their first child Elizabeth was born October 1864, so I...
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    Looking for two McLaughlin marriages

    Hi there, I am looking for a marriage between Patrick McLaughlin/Mc Laughlin/McLochlan and Rose McNulty/Mc Anulty sometime between 1828 and 1832. Their first child was baptised in 1832 in Hull, Yorkshire. It seems all their later children were also born in Hull. Both Patrick and Rose are listed...
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    William Bibby

    Hello there, I am looking for the birth/baptism of a William Bibby born circa 1808 in Latchford, Cheshire. I was hoping to find out the names of his parents as he is the furthest back I have got with that family line. He married an Elizabeth Maudesly in 1826 in Liverpool, but sometime after...
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    Patrick James Cassidy

    Hello there again, I wonder if someone could help me trace my grandfather? His name was Patrick James Cassidy, and according to his death registration he was born 24th January 1921 in Derry (now called Londonderry) in Northern Ireland. I think his parents were Francis Cassidy and Teresa McGurk...
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    DNA sites

    Hey there, Wondering if any of you have actually found any of the DNA websites like AncestryDNA and 23andMe useful in doing your family history/genealogy? And if so, which do you think is better?
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    William Henry in Liverpool

    Hi there, I can't find a census entry for a William Henry (born in Manilla, around 1825 or sometimes recorded as 1831), and an Ann Henry (born about 1825 in Ireland). They should be in Liverpool at this time I think, since their son John Saviour Henry was born there in 1861. He may or may not...
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    Keppella Henry/Reppella/Raphaela Henry

    Hi there, I am looking for a GRO birth entry for a Keppella/Reppella/Raphaela Henry. I keep seeing the name spelled differently on census records, so it is difficult to find her. She was born about 1864 in Liverpool to a William Henry and an Ann Henry (not sure of the maiden name - could be...
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    John Brideson

    Hello there, please could someone look a record up for me? I am looking for an 1841 census entry for John Brideson. He was born between 1784-1790 on Isle of Man. I believe he was still married to his fist wife Jane at this point. His occupation was a shipwright. I expect to find him in...
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    Deciphering of a 'rank/occupation/profession'

    Can anyone work out what this rank/occupation/profession is? It is an entry for a woman, by the way. It looks like it says 'mausler' or something like that. Have no idea really..!