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Recent content by tania

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    Thanks Dave, Im starting to wonder if I have the right Mary teresa Pippet/Morrall/peverelle Well rather, hope I have the wrong one or something along the line wrong She is listed as single and should be a widow? listed as maryANN morrill Kettlebridge, Somerset is kettlebridge near stratton...
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    thanks for all the help line Im following is confusing and getting more so mary terese pippet married Abel andrew Morrall children with Mary pippet 1838 MORRALL, Abel Edgar Son M 9 1862 Warwickshire MORRALL, Rosa Agnes Daughter F 7 1864 Warwickshire MORRALL, Mary Eleanor Daughter F 4 1867...
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    Could some one please look up the following children in 1871 England census Percy Peverelle b1870 Leo Peverelle b1869 Oswald peverelle b 1867 living in Alcester, Studley who are they living with ?? and are they together thanks :)
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    No leefer thanks all for looking another brick wall i have found a john j howlett 32 john a howlett 11 evelina 14 florence 12 albert 0 St Marks sutton with stoneferry 1891 but the dates are all wrong tania
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    would some one be able to find john howlett 1855 Born: Hull, Yorkshire, England wife elizabeth howlett 1858 - Born: Beverly, Yorkshire, children John Lancaster Graham Howlett 1878 - Born: HULL Constance May Howlett 1880 albert edward howlett 1882 herbert howlett 1884 eveline howlett...
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    Thanks Barbara Thats who I was looking for. Sarah Jane Keddy married York 1883 a man called Rupert Hamilton Rivers born 1856/57 they moved to America changed the name to MacCluskey or MCLUSKY having a hard time trying to trace his family. States his birth as Scotland 1910 c, England 1900 c...
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    Info needed on sarah jane mclusky living in Walmgate Yorkshire in 1891 census who is she living with? Are there any other Mcluskys with her? thanks :)
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    help with haygarth 1891

    just checked 1901 c and found Margaret Haygarth 1857 Dent child nurse living St Andrews Sedbergh next in list John Haygarth 1873 Dent,​ Yorkshire head living St Andrews Sedbergh Jane Ann Haygarth 1866 Kendal,​ Westmorland wife living St Andrews Sedbergh and yes margaret did die 1908 so...
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    help with haygarth 1891

    hi dave, As far as I know mabel and robert are her parents but not 100% its all so complicated 1871 c HAYGARTH Robert/Head/Mar/53/Farmer of 6 acres and Shoemaker/Yks, Dent HAYGARTH Mable/Wife/Mar/52/Yks, Dent HAYGARTH William G./Son/Unm/24/Shoemaker/Yks, Dent HAYGARTH Alice...
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    help with haygarth 1891

    thanks for your help having real trouble tracing margaret and her daughter edith 1875/6 as they are all over the place and often listed as hogarths :) edith is my g grandma and no father listedon birth certificate but her mother margaret moved to horton which is where her sisters ex husband...
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    help with haygarth 1891

    Would someone be able to look up Margaret Haygarth 1856/57 34 relationship to head of household: Servant birthplace: Dent, Yorkshire Bradford Horton Great Horton Yorkshire West Riding I need to know who shes working for and the address please:) Trying to solve a family mystery redf)
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    You know their growing up when ....

    they refuse to sing anymore, cause they dont know the words It never used to stop him, some of his past hits were All the singlet ladies all the singlet ladies all the singlet ladies Put your hands up???? obvious Single ladies -Beyonce And my all time fav sung with great gusto had me in...
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    thanks heaps for that cranky tania

    thanks heaps for that cranky tania
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    newspaper lookup

    Hi Does anyone have free access to old newspapers? Looking on brittish newspaper archive site and found this about relative clemen thorpe bridge 1881 Charles Verity, ship carpenter, tenant of the Clementhorpe Shipbuilding Yard under a lease from the Ouse Navigation Trustees, stated that on...
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    My problems are all relative.

    When my daughter was ten I was really excited that she was going to meet her Great Grandparents for the first time. I went on and on about your Great Grandparents did this and your great grandparents used to do that. After their visit I asked her what she thought of them. "Well to be honest...