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Recent content by thecelticbard

  1. thecelticbard


    In banter with some of my friends, I've said that the only reason I don't play rugby anymore is that the legs are not talking to the brain, to which the phrase "It's called old age!" gets mentioned?
  2. thecelticbard

    Wally moments.

    As it seems that organisations now expect everyone to be in possession of the latest products, I went to my bank to ensure they had my mobile phone number. When the lady checked the details on her machine and asked me to tell her, I got it wrong. I hardly use a mobile, I'm told I'm not SMART...
  3. thecelticbard

    1939 Register

    In discussion with a cousin of mine who has done more on our mutual tree, she has come across something which is baffling. On the 1939 Register there is the following:- Frank Roland Locke (grandfather), Emma Maria Stafford then Locke (grandmother) and Evelyn Mavis Locke BUT there are three names...
  4. thecelticbard

    Wally moments.

    I have to be a real wally. It has been said, mainly because most of modern technology passed me by during my years as a carer, I AM NOT SMART ENOUGH FOR A SMART PHONE, and these are my friends? I hardly use the cheap 'non-smart' mobile and £20 can last me about a year. Strangely though, I don't...
  5. thecelticbard

    Strange happenings

    Re-incarnation? I like many others would not think it could possibly happen, but the speculation is always there. During WWII my father's younger brother lost his life on 17 June 1940 when HMT Lancastria sank. He was initially buried on 13 July 1940 - and I was born on that day but 5 years...
  6. thecelticbard

    Wally moments.

    About two weeks ago, I realised, when making a Baked Spanish Omelette I didn't have a pepper. Jacket on, face mask on got to the shop and realised I didn't have my wallet. To sooth my frustration, I had a drop of Penderyn Whisky (It's made in Wales) and made the trip again. Is this old age?
  7. thecelticbard

    Prisoners of War?

    Many thanks Gibbo. Like many people, I think the family concerned are totally unaware of how to track down military history. As it happens I applied for my uncle's service records at least a year ago, and the lockdowns have caused this massive delay.
  8. thecelticbard

    Prisoners of War?

    Thanks Steve, it's the guy from Blackburn. He joined in 1939 and it seems this is yet another family that never talked about WWII - just like mine. There's also a question mark about this guy having a court martial - the mind boggles. Any information would be helpful. Trust you are hale and...
  9. thecelticbard

    Prisoners of War?

    I've been asked to find some information regarding the Army Details of RICHARD KELLETT, who was a POW in Italy. Served with the Royal Artillery in Africa and Italy. This request was passed to me because my cousin couldn't find this guy's name on Ancestry. Apparently the family are trying to...
  10. thecelticbard

    Song Connection

    Song about the Moon - Simon and Garfunkel
  11. thecelticbard

    Song Connection

    Cry me a river - Julie London
  12. thecelticbard

    Song Connection

    Girls and Boys - Blur
  13. thecelticbard

    1921 Census

    Thanks folks, and my humble opinion is that the extra year could be because of Covid. I say that because trying to get relatives service details from Glasgow has been delayed for the same reason, at least that is how I've perceived it.
  14. thecelticbard

    1921 Census

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know when this is likely to be made available? Brian
  15. thecelticbard

    Never make assumptions?

    My maternal grandmother's older brother, died of his wounds in a Birmingham Hospital in 1919 but was still buried in the area of Leicestershire where the family lived. Woolwich should also give a clue as to the unit he served with. I agree, it is amazing what little bits of information crop up...