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Recent content by thecelticbard

  1. thecelticbard

    Song Connection

    River Guard - Smog
  2. thecelticbard

    Merging two members?

    Very many thanks, for the time being, can I have a good look at what is involved after the festive season? Since I asked, I've been quite busy doing the usual Remembrance things, and have decided to start the New Year back to 'The Family' then. Much appreciate the support. Brian
  3. thecelticbard

    Song Connection

    Fire in my Heart - Super Furry Animals
  4. thecelticbard

    Song Connection

    Heart of Glass - Blondie
  5. thecelticbard

    **** Please read! We are launching a new website and forum

    Being the dopey one and computer illiterate that I am, still getting used to the new site. All this upgrading is a mystery to me, but I'll get there by the time I'm 80?
  6. thecelticbard

    WW1 - Restored film. by Peter Jackson.

    Probably one of the best examples (if not the only one) of how to use modern technology for the benefit of the whole nation rather than for personal gain that I have heard of. Well done, Peter Jackson.
  7. thecelticbard


    On Sunday morning,at both the Victory Services Club and the Union Jack Club, there were a string of taxis to take the people across to the Cenotaph area and return them later FREE. At the VSC, where I stay, the taxi drivers are given bacon rolls and mugs of coffee as they wait. My London Branch...
  8. thecelticbard

    Merging two members?

    I originally joined the forum on 30 June 2010 under the name of ianto73. Due to a major crash of the machine I had at the time, I had to rejoin as thecelticbard. Can the threads from my original name be transferred to my current one, and include the photo? Probably a mission impossible, but...
  9. thecelticbard

    David Evans

    The above named is my paternal great grandfather, born 1853 in Pembrey Carmarthenshire. He moved with his parents to the Rhondda-Blaenllechau, and is listed on both 1871 & 1881 census returns. I'm trying to find if he is listed on the 1901 census for PONTYGWAITH where he and hopefully, my...
  10. thecelticbard

    Family History Societies

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but does anyone have any experience of using these, especially with such common names like Evans & Davies? I've been toying with this for some time but having failed everywhere else, thought it may be time to consider it. Thanks to you all for the...
  11. thecelticbard


    Hope this works, thought it may be of interest, I've the next three years as well. Brian Apologies if this doesn't work, wish I was as clever as all of you.
  12. thecelticbard

    Dear Santa

    Apologies if this has been said before, but it is still relevant:- Dear Santa, I do not wish for anything for myself, all I want is for all those reading this to be happy and healthy. Friends are the fruit cake of life, some sweet, some nutty and some soaked in alcohol. Mix them all together...
  13. thecelticbard

    298 Cardiff Road, Aberdare

    Hi Folks, Due to a variety of reasons, I only took note that the Roberts Family lived at the above address on the 1881 census. As my paternal grandfather was born at this address on 19 May 1879 to 'Ann Evans'-(No Father listed), I wonder if the lady was still there for the 1881 census. My...
  14. thecelticbard

    Ann Evans

    The above lady is the one on my paternal grandfather's birth certificate - he was born 19 May 1879, at 298 Cardiff Road Aberdare. However as there was no name for the father on the certificate, this lady has always been part of the 'brick wall'. Not sure where I got this information from but...
  15. thecelticbard

    Imperial War Museum North-Manchester

    Although I have no idea of what the above Museum holds in their archives, I'm going there on Saturday 13th August with my British Legion colleagues. So if anyone has a question they think is relevant, let me know, after all, if we don't ask, we don't find out. I will however try to get them to...