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  • Continuing on from earlier thread.
    April and my husband have a different Father Francis Sidney Clarke.
    The 4 syrviving children were split up Kathleen who was 4 at the time went to live with Aunt Annie and Ted her husband sadly Annie died 1 year later aged 44 I think.
    April and John were put in a childrens home and Roy My Husband was permantly fostered by Ediths best friend.
    I havent been able to find anything out beyond James William Dawes (1875)
    well not on the net anyway.
    Hi Tony
    I have just read your post and message to Melissa. Unfortunately Melissa has not been on the forum since 4th April, which I find strange as she was still looking for info. She has only made two posts so unless she comes back on line, we have no way of contacting her. Send me a P.M once you have made the required posts...
    Hi Tony
    To send a private message which only you and your contact can see, you have to have made 3 posts. A little time after your third post your name will turn green then you can send and receive messages. When you send a P.M your contact will receive an email message informing them they have a message on FHUK. You have made one post on the forum, so you need to send another two. Just say hello to a new member, or make a comment on someones post, and you should then be ok.
    Anyone can see these Visitor messages
    hope this helps.
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