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Recent content by Toots

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    site problems?

    If you post who you are looking for then perhaps we could find a transcription Edit: you could take a 14 day trial at findmypast and cancel round about the 10 day so no money is taken. Your bank/credit card company will earmark the money for the 14 days though but will be reinstated into your...
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    site problems?

    Some libraries have free access to either Find my Past or Ancestry. Findmypast has access to the 1911 census already and Ancestry is getting access over the next twelves months. There is full access to the channel islands and Isle of Man already with other counties coming on line.
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    Will "I hereby exclude all others"

    I think it's a reference to the falling out because I too have a Will similar in as much it excluded a child, however her father was more specific. He wrote, "To my daughter Ann, who married William Musgrove, a thresher, who Must not benefit from my demise in any way shape or form because she...
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    burials and cremations at St Helens,

    They are very helpful at the cemetery in finding ancestral graves. Oliver Cromwell is supposed to be buried in the Chancery part of the cemetery It's a pity more councils haven't followed suit
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    Hard drive disposal.

    Magnets definitely wipe everything, done it myself when removing hard drive from laptop
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    Hard drive disposal.

    Why not just reformat the hard drive if you wish to reuse or if not to be reused pass through a magnetic field
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    Alexander Johnstone

    That's a very interesting link, thank you for sharing
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    Fantastic :biggrin::biggrin:
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    First steps - how to record everything

    I use Family Tree Maker 2011 which comes with 6 months Ancestry free. It can also be added to existing accounts. They have just released Family Tree Maker 2012 which syncs with your own tree on Ancestry.
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    fanny fazackerley (nee fellows)

    Do you know for a fact that she has died? If she has died after 2005 there will be no death records online
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    Useful sites for Lancashire

    Thank you for the heads up on that site, I've added it to my little book for future reference
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    Thank you to everyone for you warm welcome
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    Thank you for the welcome Lee You never know Rolf Harris used to sing about Jake with the extra Leg, obviously Manx lol
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    Donoghue Family Tree

    The site differs from the GRO indexes because it shows the couples prior to 1912. It's a very useful site.
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    Lancashire Parish

    www.lan-opc.org.uk is a very good site for Lancashire parish records