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Recent content by Tracey

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    Help to find lost Parry family

    Thanks for that Julie, I did look at that but wasn't sure if it is a legit site.
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    Help to find lost Parry family

    Hello Dave, Yes Robert did marry in West derby in 1916. He married Emma Harding. He gives his age as 27 which gives him DOB as 1889 but he married again in 1931 and gives his age as 46 which gives DOB as 1884/5 he died in 1955 aged 70 which gives DOB as 1884/5. He joined the army in 1904...
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    Leonard M Eaton 4th Yorkshire Regiment

    Hi Ron, Leonards service records are available to view on ancestry.co.uk his service numbers are 5322(2322) and 77749 and did he live at the Bungalow, Great Ayton, if so they are definatly there. Regards Tracey
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    Leonard M Eaton 4th Yorkshire Regiment

    Hi, I have always used 'The Great War Forum'. they are a mass of information and very knowledgable about the subject, they have posted some fantastic stuff. Try them Tracey
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    Hello everyone, My name is Tracey and I have been tracing family trees for 7 years now and am totally addicted to it. I have had some fantastic journeys on my quests to find people and the latest tree I am working on, for a friend, has got her back in touch with her brothers after 20 odd years...
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    Help to find lost Parry family

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum but have used the Liverpool/Bootle forums to great effect and always found the users to be extremly helpful and kind. Therefore I hope someone can help me or point me in the right direction with this request. I am building the PARRY family tree for my...