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Recent content by trinni

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    Updating Tombstones and Monumental Inscriptions website

    Don't think I've made myself clear. I found your website and can see three links to Cornish churches but two of them are green.
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    Updating Tombstones and Monumental Inscriptions website

    I just had a cursory look at your link. Do you have some cornish inscriptions? i'm looking for family in Padstow that I've not spotted after two visits to the graveyards. We took a lot of photos which I am happy to share if you have not got them.
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    John Henry Stedman

    I've just found a little more on this chap. It pays to keep worrying at these problem individuals. Walter the eldest son was born in the July quarter of 77. His birth registered as Walter Stedman Chivers - before the marriage of the parents in December. At marriage John gives his age as 26 a...
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    New to the forum

    Hi and welcome, What part of the Caribbean? I was born and grew up in Trinidad
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    Eliza Halstone (around 1804 ? Wiltshire)

    I'm trying to find this birth with very little information. Would like to know her parents names spouse William Johnson( b Fisherton Anger 1807) married 2 May 1829 Fisherton Anger Wilts Died just after registration came in - 26 Aug 1837.Irwene Courtney age 33 on cert. I presume she was from...
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    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    I see no one has written on here for a while but as I'm new here I thought I'd reply. First of all I grew up in Trinidad in the West Indies . Dad was British and went out in the forties to work in sugar, mum from a mixed colonial background of settlers from England, France and Spain from the...
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    Marriage Richard Barlow - b1727

    Just found a marriage From Cheshire Bishops transcripts Richd Barlow Ann Fleming 25 oct 1748 Nantwich , Cheshire I can't find st Oswald on the map so have no idea how close it is
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    Replying to threads

    I just had the same thing happen. Chrome is my default browser but when I joined the forum I tried to install the toolbar on the forum and it said it was not supported by chrome so I've been using firefox . However this morning I was viewing on chrome accidentally while logged in and it was all...
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    Help with movie please

    Is this it? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MY-FATHER-Daniel-Henney-Korean-Adoption-Tearjerker-DVD-/270710191263
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    Gosh yes that looks right. I see from Wikipedia that there was a medievial parish church there - suppressed in the 17th century. Even pictures of the ruins. Also mentions that a village existed there. No mention of any Porters though sadly.
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    I also did a google search and found a directory of the town of Ayr in 1926 and came up with Thos Reid engineer 11 Barns crescent, North Barnweel, Ayr I checked google maps. Barns crescent is to the south of the town but still pretty near the city centre nowadays, but I presume Ayr would...
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    Oooh just found a little snippett. In an online book A general Description of the Shire of Renfew which states Mr Robert Wallace Minister of Barnweel in the shire of Air was made Bishop of the Isles. Its hard to decipher the date but it seems to be 1662. So there was a Barnweel in Scotland...
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    The information I have comes from a query in the Ulster journal of Archeology asking about the Knox family but stating what was known and just says he married Mary Porter daughter of the Laird of Barnweel, so I presumed that Porter was the Lairds surname. I'm not too familiar with the title...
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    Has anyone ever heard of this place? I have an ancestor who was called Mary Porter daughter of the Laird of Barnweel. She married in Northern Ireland in guessing mid 1600's. Was the term Laird used in both Scotland and Ireland? Her husband was of Scottish descent.
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    George Knox 1770

    I'm looking for the baptism of George Knox abt. 1770 Parents William and Letitia. He has several siblings all baptised between 1766 -1785 within London, he seems to be missing from ancestry records however. Both parents were from Ireland. Mother from Dublin and Father born in co Monaghan. I...