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Recent content by TwiceAsNice

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    Surname Changes

    Having had a look at the names you've given, I can see the marriage entry for Edward Harrison and Ellen Ratcliffe but certainly nothing for an Edwin Addison and Helen Radcliffe. I was wondering if you've obtained that marriage certificate, to confirm one way or another? It occurred to me that...
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    Hi Sue, My sincere condolences on the loss of your friend. Valerie
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    I think the best thing to do with Rose Elizabeth is to get her birth certificate as well - at least then you'd know. For all we know she could be adopted! Rose Elizabeth Webb Sep 1873 Lichfield 6b 419 I agree that the most likely marriage is James and Mary Meloy Sep 1867 Lichfield. If...
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    Would you let me know what you find? I'm interested now! Valerie
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    Ok, how about this? What if James Wright married ? and George Webb married ?. Then George's wife died and James Wright died and Jane Wright (nee Matthews) married George Webb? There's a marriage entry in BMD: Marriages Mar 1884 CURRY Edward Morpeth 10b 447 Turnbull Mary...
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    Hi, I don't know if you have this information but looking at James and Jane's marriage entry it states that James' birth year is 1845, he's a widower and his father is Thomas. Jane's birth year is 1853 her father is Joseph and she's a spinster. The marriage was in Silverdale, Staffordshire...
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    Hi Alvin, I don't know if there is a distant connection but I have quite a few Thomas Seawards from Devon in my family tree. However, the furthest I go back at the moment is about 1808, so way past the time your ancestor emigrated. I've not been able to see any marriages between Thomas...
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    West Derby cemetery records

    Hi, I'm back from my travels. We did visit West Derby cemetery and took some photos. However, there wasn't a headstone, much as I'd expected. I'm not sure the best way to send you the photos. How about if you send me a private message with your email address, then I could send the photos...
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    staffordshire parishes

    Hi, I don't if these urls are of any use to you but I have them bookmarked, as I'm also searching Staffordshire parish records. http://www.genealogylinks.net/uk/england/staffordshire/staffordshire_parish_registers.htm this has Silverdale and Knutton mentioned...
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    Thomas Phillips and Sophia Bowden - Middlesex

    Hi Barb, The entry has Thomas Phillips, Homerton (I think - the writing is a bit blurred) and Sophia Bowden. Married in the parish of St. John, Hackney. Witnesses are I or J Bowden and Ann Bowden. Curate looks like a C. Paroifsien. Thomas is a bachelor and Sophia a spinster...
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    West Derby cemetery records

    Hi grannie, I don't mind going at all. I just hope there's an headstone for me to take a photo of and some info for you. I'd hate for you to have had your hopes built up for nothing. I hold the deeds of a family grave in Anfield cemetery and was very disappointed to find only a flat piece of...
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    West Derby cemetery records

    Thanks Oznannie. :) I like to help other folk if I can. I may well need some myself sometime. Valerie Hi Valerie Great of you to look up grave, well done/ Here's a link to cemetery plots. All the best oznannie
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    william abraham

    Hi, According to the Devon Freeholders Books, 1711-1799 there are two Abrahams (Richard and William) mentioned living in the Stoodley [Stoodleigh] area, Witheridge hundred. QS7/20, Devon Freeholders Book, 1741 and the same names and place is mentioned in QS7/56, Devon Freeholders Book, 1799...
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    PETTIGROVE in Princes Risborough, Bucks.

    Just found a marriage for George Pettigrove to Lizzie Irvin or Sarah Sophia Smith. Lizzie would fit in with the 1911 census. Name: PETTIGROVE, George Registration District: Help Aylesbury County: Buckinghamshire Year of Registration: 1909 Quarter of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep Spouse's last...
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    PETTIGROVE in Princes Risborough, Bucks.

    Hi Steve, Can't see any Pettigroves in Bucks. There's a George Pettigrove down as "Proprietor Of Swing Boots" and living "In a Caravan Cricketers Field, Harefield, Uxbridge" birth:1887 birthplace: Islington, London. Wife Elizabeth, birth 1887 birthplace: Harlington, Middlesex, married one...