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Recent content by Vatersay

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    Annie Jane shipwreck in 1853, names of the survivors and drowned.

    Hello everybody I have just had a book published about a shipwreck in 1853 but that is not what this post is about, as you read on that will become clear. Some information was held back till the book was released. I am putting the direct links on this page. If you are interested could you...
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    Lieutenant Charles Rose R.N

    Hi there Wondering if this is possible? There was a Lieutenant Charles Rose R.N who drowned on the Annie Jane, I have his marriage in 1817 aged 30 to Miriam and the 4 children born in England, then I have him in 1852 another two kids born in Canada in the 1852 census and he claims to be 59 hmmm...
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    Second class masters certificate

    Sorry for posting again so soon. Wondering if anybody can help, something I don't understand here. I would value your opinions. I am looking at a board of trade enquiry held in late 1853 into the sinking of the Annie Jane. The Government emigration agent is being examined. Q. The master of this...
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    28th September 1853

    Hello everybody Just found this site, I am researching a maritime disaster that happened on this date in 1853. Its throwing up a lot of puzzles. Today is the anniversary of the disaster. I need to find out if the crew list exists , I can't go to the national archives so the only option seems to...