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Recent content by Viva1angel

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    cant read census

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    Shetland Family history

    I Found this Website amazing when doing my Shetland Family. I Dont know if it has already been mentioned or is well known http://www.bayanne.info/Shetland/
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    Jennings help

    Am still looking at this and it is Getting more and More Confusing. There are 3 marriages of John Jennings in St peters Wolverhampton... One to the mary Smith we know of in 1816 and another 2. Marriage of John Jennings and Mary Bradbury. John a batchelor, Mary a spinster. Wolverhampton 1790...
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    Jennings help

    Hit yet another brick wall with this One. I was having a look through Freereg just generally... when i Found caroline... one of Johns Daughters.... I clicked on the entry which stated They lived at Owens St when she was Baptised and her father was a butcher I then had a look again at the John...
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    Jeremiah Upton

    i dont think i wrote that last post correctly. I did mean i was looking for jessies birth or death.. but then went on to talk about jeremiah but did not mention i was refering to him. It made sense to me i suppose haha:2fun:
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    Jeremiah Upton

    Yes, Matilda did marry Arthur carratt (i get the feeling matilda did not like being alone haha) I have Spent the last few hours looking at this Jessie Upton. I cannot Find anything, Birth or death that mentions the mother. All i found was that there was another jeremiah upton born and living...
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    Jennings help

    Thanks for the help. i think i shall have to bite the bullet and order the death cert and hope for the best. Thanks
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    Jeremiah Upton

    Hi all. Odd one here.. or atleast it seems odd to me.:D I have a matilda Johnson Marrying Jeremiah Upton in 1875 in wolverhamton, Matilda and Jeremiah had one Son, Joseph, Born 1878. I then have Matilda, Now Jennings in the 1881 census with Joseph marked as William C Jennings son. I...
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    Jennings help

    hi, thanks for the help, I was looking at that death record too. On the marriage to mary Smith it does state that they were of that parish... Mary was in the 51 census with two of her children, a widow with no new husband. Although the census says she was born Sedgley, staffordshire. John...
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    Jennings help

    Hi all. i am new to the site and in need of help before i go crazy. I have a marriage of John Jennings and Mary Smith. I have Found them to be married in 1816 in wolverhampton. The marriage Record Shows nothing of help at all with tracing any parents or birth of john. I have had the original...