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Recent content by xudo

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    William NEYDLE

    I can't see how it looks like Neagle rather than Neydle, but I suppose maybe a terrible spelling mistake? The site I have a paid membership on to access those records has the name down as Neydle too.
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    William NEYDLE

    I can't see anywhere on the certificate that states alive or deceased, but the handwriting is causing me trouble! I haven't found any siblings so far.
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    William NEYDLE

    Hi, It's quite difficult to read the handwriting, but I think it says 'copperman'...unless that's not a thing and I've misread it entirely. She married Samuel on 23rd December 1871 in Skewen, Glamorganshire.
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    William NEYDLE

    Hi, I've been researching my Mum's side of my family, more specifically my Grandmother's ancestors. I've managed to get back a reasonable amount, but have hit a brick wall with a William NEYDLE. I don't have any access to records outside of the UK, but from some searches generally through...