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Recent content by Zen Rabbit

  1. Z

    Trouble with Ancestry

    Back up and running now so i am less gumpy about the whole issue. Seems it was a virgin problem. But I do wish that big organisations (virgin included) would just have a simple email that you could use if the web forms page goes down
  2. Z

    Trouble with Ancestry

    Does anyone have an email address for ancestry? Or knows how to cancel a subscription without getting onto the website? I have no desire to pay for a service I can not access.
  3. Z

    Trouble with Ancestry

    I have been having problems loading Ancestry these past few days. No others sites just this one. I spoke to them today and they told me that it was a problem with Virgin's latest upgrade. If anyone else is having problems with Ancestry please contact Virgin.
  4. Z

    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    I am often accused of looking for my "dead relatives" jokingly by my wife. It was one of those things I was always curious about. I had vague stories about my Great grandfather who had a different name to my great grandmother and that my grand father was illegitimate but that was all. The when...
  5. Z

    Rudeness and assertiveness.

    I agree there is no need for rudeness or abuse. However there is room for healthy debate and if a subject is contentious then some people may be offended by the strong views of others. In areas of politics and religion this is often the case but there is nothing wrong in this providing it is...
  6. Z

    Which site is best for value for money?

    I have been using Ancestry which has been pretty good for me. A bit more expensive but with access to a lot of information
  7. Z

    Thomas Bourne 1734?

    Interesting site that. was there a particular area that featured Bournes?
  8. Z

    Thomas Bourne 1734?

    Yeah that is a bit before his time, but thanks anyway. You never know where such things lead. Cheers
  9. Z

    Thomas Bourne 1734?

    Marriage record is for Thomas Bourn. 24 Febuary 1773 Thomas Bourne (potter) and his wife Jemima bought 87.5 sq yds of land on Zachary Meadow off John Middleton (copyhold pot works and housing in the Staffordshire Potteries 1700 - 1832 compiled by Peter Roden). Whether it was purchased as a...
  10. Z

    Thomas Bourne 1734?

    Here is my second brickwall. I have an ancestor called Thomas Bourne who married Jemima Bagnal 2 Sept 1759 at Whitmore. His IGI birth on the marriage record is described as abt. 1734 Shelton. Now I know that they did buy a plot of land in Shelton, on Zachary Meadows, as I have seen the copyhold...
  11. Z

    Birth and Christening Same Day?

    I think it depends on the families circumstances. The availibility of a priest, travel to a church and disposition of the child. If the baby was perhaps sickly or not expected to live then a swift christening might take place (even if the child subsequently survived) where as if there wasn't a...
  12. Z

    Looking for Richard philpot 1700's

    Thanks for the help by the way :)
  13. Z

    Looking for Richard philpot 1700's

    I have seen the records at Shrewsbury and they seem quite clear. However it seems a bit odd that Richard & Christabella and Richard & Catherine seem to follow each other around from Pontesbury to Westbury.
  14. Z

    Looking for Richard philpot 1700's

    I don't actually know if Richard was born in Shropshire. Records from the area are: marriage: Richard Philpot and Christabella Plimer, Holy Cross, St Giles, Shrewsbury 11 Dec 1788 Children: Sarah Philpot b. 6 Sep 1789 Pontesbury William Philpot b. 10 April 1791 Pontesbury Then we have Benjamin...
  15. Z

    Looking for Richard philpot 1700's

    Benjamin was born in May 1792 in Pontesbury near Shrewsbury, where as Richard and Catherine were not married until the end of December 1792 in St Andrews, Holborn, London. Richard and Catherine had a further two children in Pontesbury William in 1795 and Elizabeth in 1800. There is a death...