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  1. woodlander

    Peter Miln Duncan Scotland - New Zealand

    Peter Miln (various spellings of his middle name) Duncan, son of shipowner/merchant Peter M snr, born in Dundee 25 Feb 1859 and was still single age 22 occ. jute merchant's clerk living with his parents and siblings on the 1881 census return. From then except for his death date of 27th Aug 188...
  2. woodlander

    Back to my roots

    My recent house move sees me living now (after other various locations) back in the village where I was born and one of the best things is being within yards of woodland (my birthplace was The Woodlands, hence my handle) where a variety of birds fly out from and visit local gardens - even the...
  3. woodlander

    New York passenger lists 1906

    Could anyone with US access find any more details on this arrival please? Thanks in advance :) Alice Maud Earl Arrival 28 June 1906 New York Arrived in New York, New York, from Liverpool, England aboard the "Baltic" New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 (The name is recorded as Alice...
  4. woodlander

    Brickwall repeat

    Periodically I search for the birth/baptism/parentage of my gt. gt. grandfather Robert Livesey. According to census and age references he was born in Blackburn area of Lancashire c 1805. He first married Jane Parkinson and his 2nd wife is my direct relative. She was Mary Sharrock/Shorrock and...
  5. woodlander

    Mary P

    welcome Mary - just noticed the blue colour for a newby and hope you're not put off by the silly bits going on just now - we're sane 'n' sensible really - honest come and join us. :)
  6. woodlander


    OK - Where've ya left the brush 'n' shovel Steve??? I'm off to the wally corner. Had a call from my friend Katie tonight asking why I had sent her some census images and, more to the point, why had I started calling her "Dave" Needless to say the images went to the right place somewhat later...
  7. woodlander

    Dave's Coming Out Party

    We lost the thread.................Please, Partygoers, pick it up :biggrin: The appointment for Wednesday is still on so I hope the party gets the nod for 11/12th and I can be free of this thing. Regards, Dave Here's hoping Dave - I couldn't find the thread earlier - maybe you could "bump...
  8. woodlander

    Francisco Sisneros

    Please can someone help find any information about Francisco Sisneros JR born around 1929 or 30. USAF Stationed Preswick Scotland 1946. Social security no 18356191. Thanks in advance
  9. woodlander

    Can You Work It Out ?

    3 friends share a meal in a pub at a cost of £10.00 per meal but there's a delay in the kitchen so the landlord tells the waitress to give the men a fiver back. They appreciate that and give the waitress a couple of quid for herself. £3 left out of the fiver, £1 each means that, in effect, their...
  10. woodlander


    Would some kind Ozzie point out to this dim Pommie how close Wantima is to the threatened floods in Victoria please.
  11. woodlander

    Petition Against Increase in Certificate Charges

    Might help, might not, but worth a try :) http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/grocertificates/
  12. woodlander

    Curious Fox

    Does anyone here use this site? Apologies if it's already had a mention but didn't find it in 4 pages so think, for newbies at least, it's worth a mention. Give it a go - worth a try. Surprising how it can be true that "Every Little Helps" Been both helped and satisfied from helping on Curious...
  13. woodlander

    Blairs in Melbourne from 1922 onwards

    I am currently working on a "mini-tree" ( back to Gt Grandparents only) as a gift for a friend in Scotland who will be 90 in July this year. This is a longshot but it seems a shame to "waste" the info I've gathered from the Scotland's People site as well as family members if anyone just might...
  14. woodlander

    Ancestry/FMP/The Genealogist

    Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place. Since I had read, and it seemed feasible, that different databases were providing answers to "brickwalls" I cancelled my Ancestry subscription (due for renewal) only to find The Genealogist appears to work like the 1911 site on Find My Past where your...