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Search results

  1. woodlander

    Isabella and Edward Grant

    First search has given me a birth and baptism date with needed maiden name and looks like I'll find much more here - thanks again:)
  2. woodlander

    Isabella and Edward Grant

    Found this whilst browsing, thanks for the link Geoff :)
  3. woodlander

    William Stewart Sneddon & Martha Scott(formerly Cochrane).

    Delighted to see this Steve, no more mistakes or you'll be cleaning the Wally corner :rolleyes: Well done :)
  4. woodlander

    Peter Miln Duncan Scotland - New Zealand

    Thanks very much Gibbo that ties up loose ends and answers a few questions - i see you're working as well as ever; hope all ok with you and yours x
  5. woodlander

    Peter Miln Duncan Scotland - New Zealand

    Peter Miln (various spellings of his middle name) Duncan, son of shipowner/merchant Peter M snr, born in Dundee 25 Feb 1859 and was still single age 22 occ. jute merchant's clerk living with his parents and siblings on the 1881 census return. From then except for his death date of 27th Aug 188...
  6. woodlander

    Old Book

    Bravado in the extreme eek) Fascinating, thanks for sharing :)
  7. woodlander

    Old Book

    Good idea Gibbo, surrounding area archives/history society etc. might be very interested too
  8. woodlander

    Unwanted Marriage Certificate

    Might be an idea to have a section for cert giveaways? Some family tree mag forums have Unwanted Cert sections - seems a long shot you'd find one but if you get a "wrong" certificate, (I've had a few :() they're just wasted
  9. woodlander

    How others see Australia

    I love that map and enjoying following where you folks live according to it. I'm about 30 miles south of Jeff but in the actual uk, not the oz map LOL
  10. woodlander

    On this day.

    This running paint is turning into quite a marathon Gibbo :2fun:
  11. woodlander

    On this day.

    Methinks your post means I have to call for a pic of the mail box Gibbo :2fun:
  12. woodlander

    the unkown witness

    Well done Peter. All good stuff, certainly keeps us on our toes
  13. woodlander

    Old Book

    I want to know what on earth Gibbo will do to contain her curiosity until his leave is over :confused: I'm intrigued with this thread too :)
  14. woodlander

    Happy New Year

    Congrats Gibbo - we all know you're great of course but not at the great grandmother stage yet :biggrin: Bet the grandchildren think you are :)
  15. woodlander

    Happy New Year

    Lovely post Lee, well said Gibbo All the very best to all forum members and thanks to admin that we can share our lives and times here:)
  16. woodlander

    I want to eliminate ants

    Interesting recipe Gibbo :2fun:
  17. woodlander

    Late Christening.

    I have a listing in my tree of someone baptised due to illness just prior to death, maybe that was why but she recovered eek) :confused: Good luck finding why? :)
  18. woodlander


    Happy Christmas everyone :)
  19. woodlander

    I'll be off line

    Good luck Steve, hope it goes well and you all enjoy the new homestead :)
  20. woodlander

    I'll be off line

    After getting there, sounds like already-in-Ireland move will be a doddle - can't be as far to travel this time :) Christmas Day might be a real relax-and-recover day then - do hang that stocking up :biggrin: