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  1. Ellie7

    Ancestry trees

    Oh! i am sorry i looked at Family trees on Ancestry that are supposedly connected to my main line tree.I know i get angry but it is a while since i looked .
  2. Ellie7


    Ordered a CD of Guisley Parish ,and got a 3mths free to another well known site.Never found 1 early record that i already have.Just cancilled it
  3. Ellie7

    Parish Records of Rothwell Parish ,Yorkshire

  4. Ellie7

    Stevenson surname in County Down

    156, Estate of Lord Claneboy, Stevenson, william, Bangor, 28/11/1617 This is the earliest Ancester i am likely to find by my Fathers side. I would not have got so far back in Scotland as records were lost at Dunbar 1600s,only those well off Scots would have records further back. Lord Claneboy...
  5. Ellie7


    Love History St Dunstan Church Stepney https://www.forgottenbooks.com/en/readbook/TheChurchofStDunstanStepney_10244551#0
  6. Ellie7


  7. Ellie7

    Scottish regiments

  8. Ellie7

    The Ships List

  9. Ellie7

    Golden telephone

    An American photographer on vacation was inside Westminster Abbey taking photographs when he noticed a golden telephone mounted on the wall with a sign that read '£10,000 per call'. The American, being intrigued, asked a priest who was strolling by what the telephone was used for. The priest...
  10. Ellie7

    Robert Patrick

    In 1807, Dr. Robert Patrick of Trearne purchased the Hessilhead estate.[21] Robert Patrick was an army medic and was appointed Inspector of Hospitals in 1801. John Shedden Patrick F.R.S.E. was his heir in 1838 and in 1844 Robert Shedden Patrick of Trearne and Hessilhead succeeded.[22] James...
  11. Ellie7


    Thomas Adamson Gender Male Event year 1840 Burial year 1840 Burial date 12 Aug 1840 Burial place Brighton, Sussex, England Place Brighton County Sussex Notes By Coroner's Warrant tCountry England Record set England Deaths & Burials 1538-1991 it took me years to find out what happened to...
  12. Ellie7

    Historic Geneology

  13. Ellie7

    Kingsbarn ,St Andrews ,Fife

    Kingsbarns is an appealing and well preserved conservation village with many of the buildings listed including Hazel Cottage. The cottage was built in 1762, and is 250 years old this year. Above the front door it has the marriage lintel with the initials of the couple and date inscribed. The...
  14. Ellie7

    Old Brittish News_Death Sentences

  15. Ellie7


    Find My Past will have the 1921 Census online next year.I remember being picked to try out the 1911 Census before it went online. Oh! sorry it is January 2022 it goes online. Scotlandspeople is 2021
  16. Ellie7


  17. Ellie7


    http://www.theshipslist.com/ships/australia/refships.shtml Oceans of Consolation Includes personal correspondence of fourteen families of Irish emigrants in the Australian colonies, giving equal attention to letters to and from Australia. The book reproduces in full more than one hundred...
  18. Ellie7

    Albion's Seed

  19. Ellie7


    House of Gourlay M E M O R I A L S OF THE SCOTTISH HOUSE OF GOURLAY. Families at The Southern Counties. During the sixteenth century the family of Gourlay held the lands of Sutton Grange in Yorkshire; they also had possessions in Cumberland. William Gourlay of Sutton Grange, who was living about...
  20. Ellie7


    John Anstruther-Thompson of Charleton (1818-1904) has 51 descendants from James 1st of Scotland ,and 11 descendants from James 11 of Scotland,and through his wife Caroline Maria Agnes Robina Grey ,daughter of the Rev John Hamilton Grey of Carntyne 7 Plantegents descents from King Edward the 3rd...