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    John Quinn...Ireland

    Hello everyone :) I'm trying to locate where in Ireland my Ancestor John Quinn was born, I've been looking for a long time and finding it very difficult "I posted the info I have in another section a couple of days ago as I was also looking for document info but thought...
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    Decipher word on 1911 Census

    Hello, I'm trying to decipher a word on an image from 1911 Census and having no luck, I'm hoping it will be plain to someone else. The image shows that my Ancestors were born in Ireland which is followed by..NK..I assume that's not known but it's the other word written across both entries...
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    Yet another New Family History Addict

    Hello Everyone, My name is Eileen and I`m a newbie at Family Research, I started about two months ago and it got me, Hook, Line and Sinker lol. I don`t really know how this site works but will hopefully catch on soon. I am a Single Parent of two, my Daughter is 23...
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    New FamilyHistory Addict

    welcome welcome welcome Hello Everyone, I`m new to Family Research and totally hooked already, I`m researching the following Family Names. [B]Armstrong,[ Sunderland) [B]Ferris/Fairess Gateshead, Willington Quay & Ireland) [B]Mclaren/Mclearnon] Hebburn, Willington Quay & Ireland) [B]Moran...