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    Frustration has set in

    Hi Gang, I really need some help here- I have pulled all my hair out looking for 2 elusive relatives. My g g grandmother was Mary Featherston (Fetherston) Daffern (Dafforn). I know from her marriage cert that her father was Thomas Featherston (deceased). She married George Hickman 1870 in...
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    Asking for a favor

    Hi all, I was just on Axxxxxxy.co (uk site) doing a free search. I found an ancestor in a family tree that is named after my family. The author of the tree lives in the USA in Texas. I was able to view her public profile, photo included, & I believe this woman is my niece whom I lost contact...
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    Explanation please!

    As I am from the USA I don't understand all the different district/county names I come across in my research. Can someone explain this to me? For instance, my g grandma was born Blakenhall Staffordshire Wolverhamton. I see alot of names that end in "shire" - what are these & what are the names...
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    1901 look up please

    Can someone lookup on 1901 census for me - George & Mary Hickman, Staffordshire Wolverhampton, he was a brick layer. In 81 & 91 they lived on Cobden St. Many thanks! Oh! Has the 1911 come out yet? b00kie
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    Hello to all

    I'm b00kie, live in the USA, have rellies from Staffordshire & Wales. Good luck to all of us this year. Brick walls are fun to tear down!
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    marriage-Daffern, Featherston

    Looking for marriage between William H Daffern (unsure of first name) & Mary Featherston. She was born Warwickshire - no known details on him. First child was born(Birmingham) 1866, another child born(Wolverhampton) 1869, then Mary marries George Hickman in 1870. Any help would be greatly...
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    I am not new to Genealogy- have been working at this for about 13 yrs. now. I live in USA, am recently retired. Am willing to look up info on census here in US to help anyone. My g-grandparents are from Blakenhall Wolverhampton & Bala Wales & immigrated to the US in 1898. Good luck to all of us...